New Patch: 2.14

There’s a new client and server-side patch out this morning that has now been deployed. Details are available on the Patch Notes:

Of particular note, if you were having crashing issues previously and you tried out the new build and it was better for you, this patch includes those fixes, so you can switch back to using the regular build again.

Here’s an alternate download location as well:


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Hi I posted about an issue in the previous thread Patch 2.11 can you help me please?

Yes we can get that added to your inventory, and just to make sure you spoke to Guardian Bart after getting the airship ticket?

yeah, I spoke to him after finishing the questline for the chef, then that test ended, I joined in the following test and I didn’t have the cape so I went on the airship anyway and that’s where I crashed, but even now guardian bart has nothing for me

okay let us know when you are logged out of the game and we can get that fixed for you

I am logged out buddy :slight_smile:

Floaters from latest patch

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