New Patch: 3.16

There’s a new server-side and client-side patch available now to download on both Steam and Oculus.

Highlights of this patch:

  • We’ve added sound effects to the UI when opening menus, swapping gear, and selecting options.
  • There are now long-range grab indicators on the chests in your Player House. You can use them to grab and open the chest from farther away, which allows you to open the chest while standing up and keeps your inventory menu from clipping inside of the chest.
  • The in-game keyboard has been re-worked such that there are more special characters available, and they are accessible by pressing the Shift key along the number row (just like a normal keyboard).
  • Re-worked the Zoological Gardens in the Rainforest area with new graphical assets to make it look more like a zoo and less like a torture area for captured animals.
  • Fixed invisible colliders causing spells/arrows to randomly explode in odd places in the Desert
  • Re-worked the voice chat range of Other Players such that a) you shouldn’t hear other players talking loudly from really far away, and b) you should now be able to better tell from what direction someone is speaking.
  • Lowered the spawn rate of Queen’s Ear in Highsteppe back down to normal levels.
  • The Apprentice Smith vendors have adjusted the prices they are willing to pay for some items. The price of a gatherable ingredient (such as herbs and ore) will now be based on its rarity. Common and uncommon items now sell for much less than they did previously. The price of Minor and Major shards has been increased to help make up for this reduced income stream.
  • Fixed a bug where the last spot in the Market Stall wasn’t showing its price correctly to the stall owner.
  • Fixed a bug where you would sometimes have to press a key twice to get it to register after pressing the Shift key on the keyboard.



You guys are awesome! Still awaiting the fix for my bow on Rift though :3

Interesting that the spawn rate was decreased for queens ear, Should have stocked up while I had the chance xD

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Keep up the good work still can’t change my orb turret with a trigger pull though

Man I really liked the Zoological Gardens looking like an orc slave pit. :wink:

Awesome! I kid you not, these are exactly the things I’ve been waiting for: Wuality-of-Life adjustments! These will make the game so much more enjoyable! I am amazed at your speed. I will probably only be able to experience this tomorrow but I already want to applaud you. Chapeau!


Oooh, I’m excited to see the new Zoo!

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Whaaaat literally just sold 200 shards this morning. Killin me

Wow some rich high rollers are now walking around highstep. :grin:

I was makin a killing with those queens ears :wink:

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can you also allow me to type with both fingers at same time on my keyboard like i do in RL? :slight_smile: i hate using one hand on the menus and the keyboard. it literally causes fatigue to move several items between tabs in your inventory. typing with one hand (finger) is so slow i refuse to send messages with spaces or correct spelling lol.

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i have a bunch of armor and stuff in my chest i prolly could create alot of shards

Please fix the bow on oculus rift. It jumps around like crazy, really hard to aim with it. Try and match the way the bow in the new oculus home handles. It’s as smooth as butter :smiley:

We’ve also just pushed out Patch 3.17, which is a client-side only patch, to both the Steam and Oculus Stores. It should be available to download shortly, you will likely need to exit out of the game to get it.

This patch features a number of behind-the-scenes bugfixes which should hopefully reduce crashes for some users who have reported them to us. It should also fix a potential buffer overflow which could lead to memory allocation in the voice chat system.



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