New Patch: 3.40

A new patch will be going live in approximately 30 minutes with the following changes:

  • Fixes for some crash-related issues
  • Based on your feedback and our own internal metrics, there’s more grinding that’s required than we were targeting especially if you are a mostly-solo player. As of this patch the amount of XP gained from monster kills has been boosted by approximately 30%.
  • Stacking the Lifewell orb, where you have 2 or 3 of them going at once under the same target, seems to be breaking a lot of the difficulty of some mechanics, e.g. making it to where the tank doesn’t even have to worry about dodging attacks. This isn’t an issue in small group or dungeon play where you are typically only bringing one healer, but in large group fights it’s leading to unintended strategies. As of this patch, we are modifying the way that the Lifewell orb works (more on this below).
  • The health bar on other players has been moved up a little to hopefully cause it not to be blocked by players wearing some helms.
  • Fixed a bug where when you exited the Jungle house you always ended up below ground.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing the Autorun to trigger only when grabbing an object, rather than only when not grabbing an object, as it should be.
  • Fixed a bug which could allow you to Shield Bash friendly targets such as guards.
  • House keys now have a weight of 0, so just keep them in your inventory all the time :slight_smile:
  • When spawning in, you now have a period of approximately 10 seconds where you will not aggro any monsters to give yourself time to load in.
  • The numbers appearing above another player’s ghost to tell you how long they must wait to be resurrected should now properly show in minutes rather than seconds.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing some Status Effects to “tick” for one less total number than intended.

Lifewell Orb Changes

The Lifewell Orb is intended to serve as a small heal over time that can be used after incoming group damage to heal up a whole party or group, or provide some healing over time for the tank to counteract ongoing damage. However, by stacking 2 or 3 (or more) of these on top of each other, players were able to become nearly invincible in a lot of situations, which was unintended.

Now, when you are standing on at least one Lifewell, you will receive a short-term buff similar to the Renew orb which grants you healing over time. The buff is automatically refreshed every few seconds as long as you are standing on a Lifewell. However, like the Renew buff, it cannot stack multiple times, and as such standing on top of more than one Lifewell has no additional benefit.

This also provides two additional advantages:

  • You can now easily tell if you are correctly standing on the Lifewell, as you will see the buff appear.
  • You can actually move through the Lifewell and receive healing for a short duration even after you leave its location, which can be useful in fights where there is a lot of movement or for example if you were standing on a well that you need to leave due to e.g. a danger zone appearing there.

Note that the total amount of healing you receive if you stand on a Lifewell from the beginning until it expires is unchanged.


The server restart is now completed and the patch has been deployed. Thanks!


Still 4 ticks for Bleed

Hmmmmmmmmmm…I will add some logging to check that but I think it’s working now. But I will double-check.

so if lifewell works like Renew , why even have it then? why do we need 2 healer orbs that work the same?

It works like Renew in that it is a heal over time (which it already was) and that it does not stack (which is an adjustment). The Lifewell ground heal a) has a much larger area of effect than Renew, and b) stays on the ground a lot longer, and c) allows people to enter it after you’ve already put it on the ground…

So, yeah, it’s not really the same as Renew, they each have a distinct purpose.

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ok true but will the heal ““dot”” stack with the renew healing dot? Or will it just not stack with others lifewell’s?

Right yes it still stacks with the Renew healing, they are two different buffs. You can have the Renew buff and the Lifewell buff both active. You just can’t have more than one Lifewell buff active.

Can’t find much info on autorun anywhere, is it possible to autorun while in teleport mode?
As a runemage I don’t want to have slide running when I’m in combat, but out of combat teleport movement is super tedious imo and probably a lot harder on the controllers.

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Since this patch, I have had numerous crashes. I sent a bug report in. I also have been having to logout a lot and back in b/c nothing is registering on my screen (i.e. splitting stacks, spells, etc).

Before the patch I would rarely crash or have to logout and log back in.

Anyone else been experiencing this?

Edit: I’m an idiot and just realized I somehow had super sampling on. As soon as I turned it off it seems like the crashed have stopped.

I don’t think I’ve crashed at all in over a week. I haven’t switched over to the beta option yet, though.

I think there have been a lot more desyncs lately

Are you getting more desyncs or are you saying youve heard other players getting them?

I’ve been getting more and some guildies have as well. At least I think they’re desyncs. A few times we’ll be facing opposite directions shooting at the same target. Or I’ll be one place on my screen but others see me somewhere else and the heals don’t work

Edit: also I seem to have audio cut out more frequently than others. No actual crashes. I check my net connection frequently and it’s always solid

There is another small patch that is going out shortly, version 3.45. Has a couple of fixes:

  • Crash-related bugfixes based on reports
  • Fixes an issue where the cutscene movies would not play through the same audio device as the rest of the sounds in the game.
  • Adds some logging server-side to catch a few issues
  • Moves a few of the spawners around to hopefully avoid having herbs and whatnot spawn in hard-to-reach areas.

The server will be restarted in about 30 minutes to apply these changes. The client-side patch is available to download now.

EDIT: Actually I will need to do another quick client-side push, I accidentally left in a bit of debug code where the first cinematic plays every time you login. So that will be going out in about 15 minutes, just FYI. Other than that it’s okay though.

EDIT 2: Okay, the client versions are now all up to date and deployed, so that’s good to go. Server restart happening in 5 minutes.


The patch is now deployed. Thanks!


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