New Patch: 3.50

A new patch will be going out in approximately 30 minutes which will require a server restart as well as a client-side patch. It has the following features:

  • Lore Books have been added to the world. These are books which are located in various locations throughout the game. Like the Player Journal, they can be picked up and read. When you’re done reading them, just grab it by the spine and give it a little toss, it will go back to its original position. You can return and read these later if you wish. Some of these contain information that was put in your Journal during quests. We will be removing those Journal pages in a future update since it wasn’t intended to stay in your Journal long-term.
  • Fixed an issue with the underlying voice chat system which could cause errors which would cause hiccups when invalid packets were delivered.
  • Fixed the spawners for herbs in various zones which were leading to an unintended level of scarcity of those items, particularly Weeping Krodo and Sydazoran.
  • Changed the PvP Bandit system. Now, there is a five minute “Bandit with No Bounty” penalty that will be applied for the following actions:
    • Attacking a player in the Wilds who is not a bandit, but the player surviving the attack
    • Picking up tradable loot on the ground which was not originally dropped by you. Note that Player Loot (as opposed to Monster-dropped loot) now appears as a Backpack in-game rather than a Loot Bag.
    • If someone in your party becomes a Bandit, then you will become a Bandit with No Bounty automatically as well.
    • If you kill another player then you will become a Bandit with a bounty, just like previously.
    • Any loot that you drop while a bandit (either with or without a bounty) is free-for-all loot.
    • If you were already a Bandit with a bounty, then this additional penalty has no effect (e.g. picking up loot after you kill someone will not further increase your bounty or your bandit timer).
  • Being a “Bandit with No Bounty” is the same as being a bandit for most purposes. Any player can still attack you, even if that player has their PvP Safety enabled, without becoming a bandit themselves. You cannot be aided unless you are in a party with another player who is also a Bandit. However, the key difference (other than the fact that Players will not receive a bounty for killing you) is that NPC Guards will not attack you, and your name will not be Orange when your bandit status is cleared.
  • You can now walk through Harvestable nodes in the game world.
  • Status Effects were previously allowing one more max stack of each effect than intended (if the maximum stack was greater than one). This has been corrected. In addition, when the max stacks of a Status Effect were reached, all instances of that effect were being removed. This has also been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue which was still causing some Status Effects (such as Bleed from the weapon affix and the Poison status effect for the Musketeer and Ranger) to tick for one less tick than intended in some cases.
  • Changed the way that the Lifesteal affix works. Now rather than being a very small amount of healing on each attack, instead there is a small percent chance for the affix to proc and return 100% of the damage done by an attack. The overall healing provided by the affix has overall been increased by this change.
  • Fixed several issues regarding Aberration mobs and aggro, including an issue where if you aggroed the Aberration then caused it to retreat, it would no longer bring its minions with it when subsequently aggroed. The aggro range was also incorrect.
  • The first Market Stall Auction is now available for everyone who wants to bid on a stall. Please see the following forum post for more information: Market Stall Auction for January Leases




I don’t think so unless I’m misreading my own writing…Which part specifically do you think is a typo about that?

The “with out without” part. I am guessing it is “with or without”?

Haha, yeah, that is. Sorry. Fixed. My brain literally just corrected it when I re-read it.

haha, Brains are crazy sometimes. :slight_smile:

So I wanted to explain a little about the intent behind the bandit changes. Basically, there was a sort of “gap” in the previous system where you could follow people around and scavenge their loot if they died in the Wilds e.g. due to an Aberration attack. After you did so, the only way that the original person could recover that loot was to attack you, becoming a Bandit themselves. The scavenger could then run to the guards and the guards would attack and kill you. Obviously this whole situation didn’t make a lot of sense.

At the same time, we want loot that’s dropped in the Wilds to be pretty free-for-all by nature, so we didn’t want to fully punish you the same way that we would for killing another player. This “Bandit With No Bounty” (or BWNB for short I guess) is a compromise to hopefully solve that problem.

Now when you do some actions in the Wilds that are bandit-like, but shouldn’t carry the full penalty, you will still become a Bandit, but with no bounty on your head. The guards will only attack bandits that have bounties.

In our original scenario, when the scavenger picks up the loot bag they would become a bandit with no bounty. That means another player would have a short time (5 minutes) to find and kill them and get the loot back without needing to become a Bandit themselves. It also means the scavenger can run near the guards if they want but the guards will do nothing to them or the person seeking revenge.

This also allows us to make another change so that if someone in your party becomes a bandit, you become a bandit without a bounty, that way someone can’t for example lure you into the Wilds and then attack someone else and wait for the guards to kill you (since the guards wouldn’t attack you without a bounty on your head). But at the same time, if you’re a group of bandits prowling the wilds, you can’t have one person in your group start attacking and the rest hold off until later, it’s either all or nothing in terms of other players being able to attack your group.

At any rate, these changes should mostly just add some nuance to the Bandit system and close up some of the “gaps” that have been identified since EA began. If you were a straight-up Bandit before, and you’re totally cool with attacking and killing other players and getting a bounty on your head as the system was intended to function before, this should have no effect on you.

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Awesome I’ll have to check out the lifesteal changes. Sounds a lot more balanced/efficient

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soo we finally get grimoire cards ha

Was it too big or too small ? (please be too big).


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Was there a increase to the bounty itself as well, or was that left the same? Right now it seems pretty low, and it doesn’t really make a difference between having and not having a bounty, although not being stacked by guards is big

Harvesting the lucians and lamavora wilds will be… fun ! Hahaha

The patch has now been deployed on both the client and server. Thanks!

Anyway we can get a library in our basement to house these books we collect. I would love to pick these books up and bring them back to a library in house. Reading front digital books in a lamp lit space is fun… :stuck_out_tongue:


I like this idea, especially if those books could be alchemy recipe books that gather each recipe you find. Same with lure crafting recipes. Maybe let us choose which recipes to keep in our journal vs in our recipe book at home.

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As a heads up this is on our radar as a possible future addition.

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Is there any kind of road-map where we can see what is in the development pipeline?

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This is this blog post.

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