New player about to embark on this journey called OrbusVR



I recently found OrbusVR, and I am extremely excited to start my adventure. I have read through the wiki and feel that I have a decent starting knowledge.

I have one question to ask, what role is currently the most underserved in the game. I know it will be either tank or healer, as typical with most any mmorpg.

I played wow for a solid 12 years and have played all the roles in a raiding environment. I, however, mostly main a healer for raiding. Tanking is also extremely enjoyable for me simply because of the leadership piece the tank takes on. I would mostly tank 5-man dungeons.

Once I hit 20, and the expansion hasn’t dropped, I will be looking for a fellowship to contribute my time and resources to.

tldr; I am new to the game and want to know what role is the most needed.

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Looking at the data we’ve gathered for the armory project ( it looks like the Warrior class is least leveled up to 20

Not far behind, but behind still none the less.


Tank (Warrior) is most needed in end game. aRkker stats mirror it a bit. But I feel like tanks quit faster after being 20 than other classes. No data to support that only a bit of own experience. Also remember that a lot of ppl just level up their alternate characters to 20 too but never use them.

But please just play what you like the most. Not what is most needed.


Thanks for the quick response. I am happy playing any role, so I like to play the one that is needed most. A consistent tank that shows up prepared to each raid is always a must for any mmo I have played. Playing the highest demand role can create more opportunities for the player. I would assume you bring 2 tanks minimum to large end game encounters.


Leveling as a tank and endgaming as a tank are pretty different, and paired with the fact that tanks need the most precision makes it extremely difficult to find a good and geared tank for endgame raids

Some of the raid bosses require 1 tank, others 2 so tanks usually also have other max level classes so that they can tank if needed, but if the boss only requires one tank and there is another tank in the party someone doesn’t have to leave


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