New player? Casuals INC wants you!


Hello, Casuals INC is a fellowship that is always looking to grow, our goal is to have fun, and enjoy the game. Are you looking for a social fellowship, somewhere to learn the game, a place to relax and kickback, or just a fellowship with members from all around the world? Then you could probably join any fellowship in the game. But why not ours?

We are currently few, but very active members, we have discord set up, we play at all hours of the day.

Wanna join us? Join our discord, or if you are a huge fan of Hide and Seek, Try to find me ingame, playing as Nexatwo.

Have any questions about the game? Want someone to teach you stuff? Need any help?

You can join our discord for that too, tho the unofficial orbusvr discord is probably more active.



Bumping for awareness, save the whales!


I would recommend sending this to Airus, Lok, or Rickness on the OrbusVR Unofficial Discord server so that they can put this in the fellowship recruitment tab (if you haven’t already). This will be a better place to reach out to newer players as discord is often the first place they look when beginning a new game.


Good idea. I just want to point out quick that you want to seek out Airis, not Airus. Two different people, just super similar names.


Misclick will be my downfall :joy: