New player house floor

I keep falling down and getting stuck.

my stepbro has to keep coming to save me
Can you make the door come all the way down and under the floor or move the house down please?

And whilst im at it can the fellowship hall door to the boss dummy be changed to the new one please?


The issue with falling through should be fixed in the next patch. I’ll mention your suggestion regarding the door to the team as well, thank you for reporting.

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stepdev im still stuck
The fix didn’t help unfortunately. Is it possible to have the house lowered or the door extended under the floor?


I believe we extended the floor forward quite a bit past the door, is it the exact same issue where you fall through before reaching the door?

yep, exactly the same. I walk close the the door and fall through the ground. I can consistently get it to happen when I’m sat just out of my place space. Either the off centre play space or height I’m at seems to make it so I fall through the floor just before I get close enough to the door.

this isn’t unique to the player house either. it can happen with any incline. I know some people get this more than others. 1 person I know ends up inside ramps rather than going up.

That’s why I ask for a change to the door or player house height rather than a possible fix to falling through the ground

yeah that is the problrm. I get it too when I sit at the edge of playspace on my couch.

If I come in from side rotated it doesn’t f up.