New players not starting the tutorial

Something needs to be done about to sizeable numbers of players that didn’t start the tutorial. Playing orbus yesterday I ran into 3 people who I had to redirect back to the starting area because they didn’t notice the first training dummy or didn’t talk to Bart again. An easy fix I think would just be to block off the stairs until you have completed Barts tutorial.


Yeah I go back and forth on this. On the one hand, the tutorial is important and you need to do it to know what you’re doing. On the other hand, if you have another friend playing the game I don’t want to make you sit through 20 minutes of learning before you can go have fun. And honestly while we put the Tutorial in its own instance for good and valid reasons (i.e. to keep the server from crashing when 300 people log in at once on Day One, and so that there wasn’t constant fighting over the spawns), it’s kind of terrible that the first 30 minutes you spend in Orbus you spend alone.

Sooooo…probably what we should do is put in some kind of blocker where you at least have to talk to someone and say “I don’t want to do this” and then it goes away.


I think that is the best idea, and I’m sure the level 4 runemage I found catching catfish in Kingsport lake for his only known quest agrees.

That sounds like a good idea Riley. Being forced to do tutorials in games is never a good idea, but for new players it’s important they know it exists and that they should do it at least once. So a message saying clearly there’s a tutorial and it teaches you the basics, and then letting people choose to ignore it sounds good.

Only thing I would add is: let people go back to the tutorial after they skip it. Maybe a new player wants to go straight to play with his friend at first, but after his friend logs off or another day they may want to go back and do the tutorial.

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You can always go back to the tutorial and pick up where it left off. You must also complete the Tutorial to begin the main story quests. I updated the Wiki page with a listing of some of the main story quests in game (Not all of them as some contain spoilers) that should help those that are trying to find their way, but once the Tutorial is complete it leads directly into the main story in an unbroken line of quests.

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