New players thoughts of the Oct20 beta

These are my thoughts of the game from a 3 day period that i was able to play during this beta


Awesome class
however, the detection of runes during this beta was little wonky.

it seems that the tilt and curvature of he rune is slightly too sensitive and could use some work.

as this is a first of its kind a vr mmo game, i think that the impact it will have on the mechanics of other games that follow might be significant.

the orientation of runes and the strokes needed seem to favor a right handed usage for certain shapes more than left handed use.

Can be hard to level up solo on lower levels(1-3).

Runemage could use a spell that allows you to cast a visible AOE shield around a certain area that completely blocks movement both ways and protects everyone inside for a duration of 5-10-30 seconds, based on the tier.

Also, a new runemage can have a hard time to start leveling, as the enemies that are good for leveling first few levels like redtails are relatively fast and because it may be hard for a new runemage to get fireball casted correctly due the enemy attacking and increased panic, it might be good to have a fast to fire low level attack that does not require to cast a run, but makes less damage.

The visual effect that decurse has would better suit a electricity based attack, maybe a “chain lightning” style of attack where a lightning bolt travels from 1 enemy to others nearby if they are too close.


The character select screen is slightly confusing at first if you start the game outside of the center of play area, as you might not see the ui in the middle properly from behind.

when using the Send message function ingame, the ui started to move in a weird bouncy way and the keyboard for sending a message is little bit too far away on the left.

Suggestion for sending messages: Keyboard that is located in the center on horizontal axis and tilted downwards a little bit and the message window in the center on both axises, it also might be a good idea to look into other input methods, maybe something similar to Steams Big picture text input with the touchpads on a steam controller/thumbstick


When teleporting, the location where you highlight is not the location you end up at, its the location for the center of the playarea, which can lead to player ending up inside walls and confusing for new players.

On the riverbank near the witches cave, the area between the bridge and a house next to it, you can get stuck if you teleport next to the river, as you cant teleport back up from there.


If you have a spell casted and ready to fire and you press both triggers, the currently casted spell gets stuck so that when you try to fire it, it will not fire, and you have to remove it from your wand by drawing something and activating it.

If you have the Special ability loaded and hold both triggers and then teleport, the special ability can get stuck and fail to fire but it will use up your ability bar.

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