New shield bash mechanic


I have tried out the new shield bash mechanic now, and was wondering if you could make it togglable so we can have it on or off, for me it just keeps getting in the way making the menu open or just generally being annoying for tanking (I know why it was put in, some people would set it off on random things/enemy’s) but to me it seems unnessasery and just adds an extra step for being a tank making it a less effective class, (i’m not advocating for it to be completely removed but I would like it to be able to turn on or off)


I think some things ppl can get used to. This thing includes that in my opinion. We don’t need a toggle for everything you don’t like initially because old game XD


you can put your sheild away to interact with menu also you can use you non sheild hand to interact with menu or even dont hold the grip near mobs


I think this is an issue for Vive/wmr players, as pulling the trigger extends the finger and activates the shield bash, right? So depending on how you move to shield bash, you could do the movement to open the menu at the same time. Rift users don’t see this since pulling the trigger no longer extends the finger.
Only other option I can think of to account for this would be to disable the menu gesture for the shield hand, but that’s not really ideal as it’s still limiting what a player can do. I think a setting would be a great option for this sort of thing.


why is it whenever I’m trying to get more features added in to the game do people tell me there is effectively no reason for it, all I’m saying is it would be nice to have it togglable not to completely remove it