New Type of Shard idea!?

So, something I was thinking about and bouncing of some people in Discord, a new shard idea.

So a Boss shard. You go to a special arena and fight just a specific boss.

for example say you use a Lich King Shard. It would spawn the Lich King, with the same difficulty as a 15 but with added mechanics. No extra health or damage, just some more crazy mechanics. After killing the boss, there would be a small chance on a specific boss reward. for example from Lich it could be a helmet transmog of his little crown.

Just a thought I had. Thoughts?


Would be nice for practicing bosses, however, some points:

  • These dungeons would be some elite-thing, uninteresting for every group not able to do 15s

  • Added crazy mechanics: Not sure what those could be; normally (some) shard mutations are supposed to add difficulty to bossfights; will those shards have mutations? Or is something different added? If so, bosses like Lich King or Mistkeeper are already pretty hard on 15, not sure what to add so it’s still possible to do them.

  • Rewards: biggest issue; if the fight is much harder than a 15 but only giving a transmog with a low dropchance, only a fraction of groups would likely invest time for that; devs would put efforts in providing content which is barely played by anyone. On the other hand, if it gives the normal 15-gear/chest, the regular 15s would be skipped since it’s only couple minutes needed to get same rewards, once a group got the mechanics down.

Well yeah. There needs to be that really hard content that only a few can do. Pretty much every MMO has content like that. Orbus is one of the exceptions that cater to lower skilled players.

New mechanics could easily be the ones that already exist for the boss, but harder. So for example, Lich again, instead of spawning some circles on some players, it spawns on all players plus a bunch around the arena. When he spawns his minions, it spawns more. Death burst has no safe zones, you have to jump through or it does more than ones death burst in different directions.

You’d be surprised. Being a rare item that takes a lot of skill, a lot of players would love to go for something like that. Items like that show that you are a skilled player. Currently the rarest items in game are obtained by pure luck. Not overly fun.


This would be pretty cool! Could be like a fight pit! As well as a unique transmog in the style of that boss they could add a mini version of the boss as a pet so you have a couple of rare drops from each boss to get and get show off


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