New way to support the devs

I think devs will MAKE money by making the game pay to win. I would love to see payment in order to revoke bans, roll resets, and items! 2.99$ for 1 stack of obsidian etc, 19.99$ for +7 weapon and 10.99$ for 1h Hour of infinite life potion. Or even adding a 5.99$ montly subscription for daily roll on a 15 shard this would make the game much more fun you guys. Would love to see this implemented! As the chances of this is happening 100x higher than the people asking for a new raid.

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Not sure anyone would like this—in fact I could see a change like this causing a massive departure of players. If the devs need money they could work on a new DLC (time travel remodeled preborn locations for example?) instead of strictly focusing on free updates… or introducing some new general items into the cash shop (transmogs that aren’t just hats for example?). I’m sure people wouldn’t be as upset over those compared to making Orbus pay to win, which most people really dislike.


Is this post satire?

Not even trying to be mean, but its coming off as pessimistic. Though I do agree with you, I don’t see a new raid coming anytime soon either.

Although, if we are being real about supporting devs and such with monetization… I’ve said this before and I will say it again;

I would be HAPPY to pay a MONTHLY subscription to play Orbus. 5-10 bucks, easy. Although, if this approach is taken I would def like to see what my contributions are going to. My hope would be having more people to help develop and code the game. As well as advertising that would promote the game more than it is now. Of course, not everyone would be happy about paying a price like that. Which is understandable. Though I find it more reasonable than people asking for more shop cosmetics and other additions. Pay to win or not.


Just want to add that I was robbed of the first few years of potential Orbus experience because I had zero idea the game existed. It was by sheer absolute luck (and probably algorithm) I was recommended a video of Orbus while in the process of scouring the Quest shop several times in search of “my game.” I somehow never saw it in the shop… hard to find your mysterious new favorite when it’s seemingly hidden from the world. Marketing is really expensive from my understanding, though.

To comment on the subscription, it would split the small community into those that could pay and those that couldn’t… and to those that could pay, who would you play with? Why would a potential new player want to get into a game that makes you pay monthly to play with 10 people when you could get several games that don’t?

Editing to add: my personal experiences with subscription games has been paying for one month, binging that month, then not touching the game for a long time until I got a “craving.” Orbus means the world to me and even I could see myself becoming much less active. Cash shop items won’t drastically affect the active player base like a monthly subscription would.

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I don’t remember exactly where I read something here in the community about the devs being definitely not turning OrbusVR into P2W. Anyway, me, PinkCrafter, would be way more willing to pay for a monthly subscription than for microtransactions, but I strongly agree with this

We know new content like a new raid takes time for develop, so why not earning money for the hard work? How bout the 3rd raid coming as DLC?

Yes, that would be a major problem. For that matter, how bout escalating the battle level to the number of players in the party?

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Could we pay to learn new lore?


I would pay for a pet raccoon. Those little chunks are adorable.


the post is satire lmao

I picked up on that, yes. Tried to turn it into something productive instead.

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Devs aint ever gonna touch anything preborn ever again lmao, never gonna be a new dlc. Im just being real here. The game has a higher chance of adding pay to win stuff to keep the servers up than adding new content

i dont think that the devs need money. What, there is 2 devs and you’ve seen how may green leafs there are/where/will be, and all the other players buying dlc, and cosmetic items. with the state that we can guess the servers are at, with desyncs and crashes (server and client), it dose not seem like they need money.

I think that if anything this game and community needs more devs, content is comeing out at a good passe but bugs arnt being fixed. Devs that acculy listen / communicate to the community posts, if you want something changed you have to call scott out on it. and for the devs to play their game, like 0 to +7 on live servers play.
(this is just my “hot” take on it but i do believe there are some that agree, and ofc disagree)

edit: just realised the post is satire and apologies for the jump in but im still curios on what ppl think about what ive said.

Hate to break it to you, but more devs likely means they would need more money. If they had the excess income to hire more devs, they probably would.
Also pretty darn sure they listen to just about everything we say here, even if they often don’t reply, there’s just a limit to how much 2 people can get done.


The devs need to pay people to work for them you know that right

yea i can see how what i said is stupid, i do apologise for not thinking… full stop.

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