New world boss theory

That’s right I have a theory for the new world boss! This Theory is that the rock giant is esasa lords who were born after all the others were put in sleep pods. But why is he a rock you may ask well I have a theory on that too. So let’s say an esasa lord woke up from the sleep and all the newer esasa lords saw it’s state of madness it’s in they probably wouldn’t want to also go into a sleep pod, so they would try to find an alternative method to living forever. This alternative way could of been to infuse themselves with the world itself reaching immortality and staying normal for the most part.

But why do they attack us??
Well my guess is that while the early janists were studying the esasa technology they actually encountered these rock beasts and they weren’t willing to give up there study’s so easily so they fought back. The janists would soon realize that they were unkillable because they would just reform they trapped them in a unconscious state using magic with all the 8 classes.

Why is this the first time we heard about them then?
Well when the order rose to power they tried to shut down the janists killing most of their followers because they felt like the janists were exploiting the gods power. This could of made them burn down all libraries they could of had making the information of these esasa lords gone forever, until now when some unlucky explorers accident woke him up!

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