New Years special orbus theory - years

Before I start I want to give much credit to lore weaver, gutsash, and katvet for all helping in making this theory

Do you ever wonder what year it is in orbus? Well me and a few others might of been able to answer all the questions about the years in orbus

So first well start with the first place to check for the lore which is the api saying (at this current time) the year 753.
So there it is right the year of orbus, wellll not exactly

After further research we see an npc say the year to be 203

These two completely contradict each other making us also think that the year is around 215-230 (the killing of the order loyalist we’re during the 20 years we were missing so we have to take that into account.
So what is it, the year 753 or 215-230 well we think it would be both, kinda

Let me explain so thanks for katvet for pointing out that the 753 year would be the exact moment that the realm of orbus was created marking the moment Ma’at created our realm and the 220 (were just going to say that as a guess) is the calendar year.
This would make sense that just like in real life (depending on what you believe in) that there is - years for example the year -200 irl still happen but it happened before a super important time so what was so important in orbus that caused the calendar to restart to 0 again?
Well I believe it could be one of two things:
The calendar could of reset when the first chaos portal was made marking a very important date in history or it could be when the order took over patrealy, this seems like something the order would do too. Also the order has ruled for
“tens of generations” making the 200 years from when the first ruled to when they fell make sense

In conclusion the realm of order (which is the realm orbus takes place in) has been around for over 700 years but on a calendar it says 200 because that is when we had a huge event I. History

Some other possibilities are that when we entered the citadel because time and space is warped in it the 30 minutes you spend in the citadel is actually 500 years to everyone else, although this doesn’t make sense because everyone would be 500 years older but it’s still a possibility

This theory is subject to change and if you have any interesting information on it please feel free to share!


Does a year in Orbus equal an Earth year?
Also, why aren’t years divided into B.R. and A.R.?
(Before Rupert; After Rupert)

A year in orbus is around 76 irl days, in one irl year there are 4.8 orbus years.

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So in other words we should be celebrating Rupert’s birthday 5 times a year?


Yes, we definitely should.

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