Newbish Type Help

I came in after the Kickstarter campaign, Ive played a few times but feel I’ve missed some stuff along the way.

Is there a Beginner page somewhere, Ie minimum requirements, basic in game info, etc?

Ive had some fun in the game but the last test I kept getting “server.exe stopped responding”. Sometime restarting Orbus is enough sometimes I have to restart Steam…

Want to make sure My computer and knowledge are up to par for the next test.

Hey David! I’d recommend checking out this wiki page:

It details some of the important aspects you’ll want to be familiar with as you play the game. I don’t believe there are any minimum requirements needed to play the game outside of those required by your HMD. You aren’t the only person who has dealt with server connection issues. I’m not very qualified to tell you how to resolve that issue, but I’d recommend trying a different connection type on the launcher next time and see if that makes a difference.

Hope that helps!

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There was an issue during the first half-ish of the last test that was causing those issues…it wasn’t really a connection issue it was something to do with enabling GPU Rendering Jobs in Unity.

There is also a new Nvidia driver that came out since the last test that mentioned it was fixing a bug on their end related to VR games and stuttering so I would make sure your drivers are up to date as well.

Other than that your best bet is just to participate in the next test, and be sure to let us know in the test feedback thread if you’re having issues. We usually try our best to put out fixes if we can figure out what the issue is. Of course as time goes on and we deal with more edge cases the game will get more stable.

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Thanks Guys, I’m definitely in tomorrow.