No more party wide guaranteed drop?


in oldbus there used to be a guaranteed drop for 1 member of the 10 man party, but now that is no longer the case. is this intended? sometimes people,including me, get reagents so is that taking the place of a loot drop?

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I don’t recall preborn having guaranteed loot drops in the raids. Are you saying it used to have a guaranteed drop for 1 raid member from each boss? If so, that was certainly not the case. Or are you saying there was a guaranteed luck drop for 1 person per raid?


They might be confused because of the guaranteed drops for one party member in shards.


that was only a thing in tradu mines or? 1 guaranteed drop each person after 5 kills?


Ya, tradu had the luck drop thing you described.


Thought it was also in the raid, as I think it was at least one person got something on every boss fight, while now the most common is for no one to get something


You guys must have had some crazy luck

damn RNGsus


We had so many raids where no one got a drop, you guys must have been very lucky

With the way raid drops work though they couldn’t add a 1 drop per boss thing as if 9 people have killed it that week you can control who would get a drop which could easily be abused by those that care enough


With how quickly we go through shards, I almost think it should drop an item for everyone every boss

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This would make the end game incredibly short


Well I don’t mean dropping real gear… But tbh I’d love for shards to drop at least. It is way worse in reborn with fewer epics and way more pieces to reroll


i disagree you already can get a lucky drop in shards so i dont know why you want more


Because you use 30 plus shards on a single piece of gear and still end up with bad affixes


get better RNG


and do more shards


Rnjesus hates me… And that is a Bs answer for imbalance and bad design. The fact of the matter is that in OG, we got epics from every dungeon and we only had 3 pieces of gear with affixes on 4 different classes. Now we have 7 pieces on 8 classes, where 5 of those pieces have 2 affixes each… And dungeons mostly drop blues if you even get anything

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I do think that there should be a better way to get more shards, but I don’t think that getting more drops is the solution. EX: 5 minor shards can be traded for 1 major, 5 major for 1 glimmering, 10 glimmering for 1 effervescent.


I love sifts idea this needs to be implemented