No spell issue still persists


I had thought that this issue was resolved in a recent patch but it is apparent that it has not been fixed. It also seems as though it even worsened it. The following issues occur in and out of battle grounds. Mage spells still remained invisible to everyone on my team. Players would comeback as ghosts. I also could not see the paladins hammer throws or attacks. really hope this is not the final product of orbus…


Same on our side, did not see a single spell. Could hear them.


You are seeing players as ghosts from really far away still?

Also are bullets and arrows still not working as well, or just mage spells?

Not seeing Paladin hammer throws is currently intended, but we are planning to implement that, so that’s not a bug.


arrows seem to be fine, as well as bullets just seem to be mage spells. People come back from the graveyard as ghosts but can still cast and fight and shoot etc.

Beta 6 Patch 2.92