Noah's Ark cant finish


hi i just got back to orbus after a 2 months and i noticds that i finishd noahs ark quest but when i whent to the npc it wont intoract with me i cant open the text, that means i cant finish the quest and its the last quest…
plz someone help


Hi, what is your character name? Do you have any other quests in your journal?


my characters name is Artigon, and yes
i have new kingsport home, trail of ancients, sicilus beastiary VI, noahs ark wilds and last catch of the day VI


I pulled your quest flags up this morning, I can see that you have the right quests, and everything looks good from this side. Just to be sure, have you tried interacting with any of the other NPCs around town to ensure that your not in a weird limbo state that doesnt allow you to interact with any NPCs, if thats the case then Return To Graveyard will fix it. If not, If you can grab a screen shot of the Journal Page of the Noahs Ark that might help track down the problem.


i successfully interacted with stals npcs but il try quest npcs to make sure and yeea il send a sreenshot in here


ok i just tryd and no i cant interact with any npc i tryd the fisherman to check

and also hers my quest book on noahs ark


You only have 18 out of 40 Corrupted Stag


Lol!!! Ok didn’t noticed that,
I’ll go kill another 22 of them and re-update

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ok yea everything workd sorry my mistike


no problem glad it worked for you.

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