Not getting credit for picking up Lost Remnant (Possible Spoilers)

I’m on the Explorer’s League quest where I have to take the potion of ithacac and track down the lost remnants. I found all three within the time of the first potion, but didn’t get credit for one of them. I had to take the second potion and pingponged back and forth between the stonehenge looking thing and the one that drops next to the fungus guy (funguy:) Anyway, it eventually appeared again on the stonehenge area and I picked it up once more. It gave the message that I acquired it twice, but it didn’t go into my bag and I didn’t get quest credit.

Please help!

the one by the fungus guy is a page for ur book
not the quest

Thanks for the info! I’ll keep trying when I log back in then. If the team saw this, then sorry for the false alarm!

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