Oculus Beta causing oculus hands to appear in Headset

This is a minor technical issue.
I’d entered into the Oculus Beta program to test out their new Rift core 2.0 patch and noticed that when playing Orbus, the Oculus native VR hand representations appeared overlaid on my characters Orbus hands.

The issue was resolved but turning off the beta version , but I hope it won’t be a problem when Rift core 2.0 patch hits.

Playing around with two pairs of hands was a bit confusing especially when trying to load orbs :).

I had the same problem yesterday, but going to oculus dash and come back to the game was fixed.

Its not necessary revome the beta version.

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Ah… fair enough. I’m currently using the steam version so that might not work for me.
I’ll reinstall and test it tomorrow evening.

This was happening to me even in oculus Home so I’d say it’s a problem on their side

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