Oculus Quest 2?

Hey there Orbus devs. I was wondering if there will be any differences and updates between the Quest 1 and Quest 2.
I originally played on the Quest 1 and then tried the PC when I could. Since the PC was able to process better and had higher ram, I saw increase distance rendering, NPCs and other small changes that made the game feel bigger.
Will we be seeing that for the new quest 2?


We’re looking at the different ways we can improve the Quest 2 experience - we can’t confirm anything specific quite yet, but there’s quite a few things that currently don’t show up on the first Quest that we could turn on for the second - once we’ve had more time to develop with it and test out how it feels we’ll let everyone know the differences you could expect.


I pre-ordered one in hopes for these kind of improvements on Orbus! Looking forward to seeing what you do with it :grin:

Like Mathieu said above were just getting into the weeds on it ourselves so were not sure how far we can push the boundaries yet, but I would say the mounts and tool belt items for other players (the non ghost players) would be something that we can do relatively fast, but bigger changes to other aspects (like shadows, showing more then 10 full players, etc) will take quite a bit of performance testing before pushing it out, if they are even possible at all (no promises!)


I pre-ordered Quest 2 I will be happy to test if you need. It will ship on Oct 13…

I have pre-ordered a quest 2, I am looking forward to see any improvements. I would like to see other people’s tools and mounts. Increasing the draw range a bit would be great too. I am hoping that Orbus will take advantage of the higher resolution at least.

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