Oculus Quest Crashes

On my quest with the latest version 10.9985 I play for a few minutes then the display seems to get locked with my gaze, everything in the game stops and I get thrown back to the Oculus main screen. I can restart OrbusVR and pickup from the location I was at. I worry if this happens in combat I could die. I do not have World PvP enabled and I am not in the PvP queue. This seems to be more frequent in this version of OrbusVR. Is this a known issue?

Ever since the update I have been crashing on an oculus rift. I have a 1080 ti graphics card and a $4100 Asus gaming computer.

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Why open an identical thread for this… some answers are here already, only posted couple days ago and it also helps devs to track down the issue to have it all in one place:

I am fine playing on Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S btw, however, what other headsets do is pretty much irrelevant for the OT question…

It’s their first time posting just let them make a thread if they want to.

I am sorry Metris_Marshmallow I did do a quick search but only found a closed topic that was old not an active one. I will do more searches before posting next time.

No problem, I see it’s a bit buried indeed in the main category, only wondered because it was very close below in this one… welcome to the forums and I hope the cause is tracked down soon.

PS: And @Akh_Zino as you heard here many times from others there is a sense in using forums properly… in fact duplicates as well as arguments are a #1 reason that so much gets buried and overlooked.

I will try harder not to make duplicates. I have been reading the other topic a bit. In terms of memory this happens when there is only one or two other players outside the gates near Randal on the traders road. I only have one page of inventory, one friend in my friend list and about 80M free on my quest.

Yea that’s odd… we play with Quest users in the guild who do crash now and then, however, it’s not a regular pattern and certainly not after minutes.

Hey there, thanks for letting us know about this. A couple questions, to help us figure out the cause:

  • You’re saying this is on a regular timer (e.g it happens every few minutes without fail?

  • Are you using the seated, or room scale playspace? If you’re using seated, could you try just making a big room (even outside your walls) guardian and see if that issue still happens once you’re in game? And I guess the reverse, if you’re playing room scale see if it happens with the sitting mode.

  • Does this happen even after a fresh reboot of the headset, following a complete shutdown?

  • Are you making sure to close all apps before starting Orbus? Some apps remaining in the background on launch have caused issues in the past.

Thank you for your help, hopefully we can figure out the cause and get a fix on it.

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It seemed to happen after about 5 minutes of starting in my house and going past Randal to the traders road. Having said that I have just played for about 40 minutes with no issues I went all the way to Sparrow Cave. So it seems to be random but more frequent than previous versions.

I have a room scale guardian set. I will try seated to see if the crash happens again

I did shut down then restart this morning, not a reboot a full shutdown and restart. The problem did occur. Then this afternoon I did not and no problems were seen in over 40 minutes of OrbusVR.

I always close all apps when I come out of them I am in the habit of doing that ever since I got my Go.

Understood, thanks for the info. Let us know what you find out with regards to the guardian setup, since I remember some reports a while ago of similar problems and it seemed to have something to do with the guardian but we’re not sure.

Will do. I will try a stationary guardian tomorrow. Here in the UK it’s nearly dinner time and I found if I use VR too late it interferes with my sleep. So I can’t do it today sorry I already have some Wands matches planned for later.

I get that but it’s not like many are made.

I have just setup a stationary guardian on my Quest and played OrbusVR. After about 15 or so minutes, leaving my house, leaving via the door near Randal have a look along the traders road. On going back and attacking the dummies near Randal I was thrown out of OrbusVR on opening the door to the town. The entry to the town was saved. As I went to the apprentice Smith then on to my house and logging out. Hope this helps.

It could be your guardian. How much storage do you have on the quest?

My quest has over 80Meg of free storage.

Thanks for the info. We’re aware of some players experiencing crashes on zone transitions like that so I’m not 100% sure it is the same issue you were originally experiencing, but we’ll keep investigating.

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Just played again to get the art of fishing down a bit. I caught some sunfish. I did make two casts into the centre of the lake by the rope bridge and each time the scene locked to my gaze and I was booted out of OrbusVR. Two good casts gone to waste … Grrr.

I did notice something strange, not a crash though. The fishing quest I was on said 100% progress and 100% progress to next award but it said I had achieved silver when I turned it in. Not sure I understand that one

One follow up question if I am reeling in a fish when OrbusVR crashes on my quest do I loose one of the 15 casts on my lure?

Yes, durability is lost as soon as the lure hits the water.