Oculus Quest - invisible fence and rain


I have ~60h of Orbus since the Quest released. There are few things here and there that I saw day 1 and thought they would be fixed at one point as the game would optimize and better understand the console.

The 3 annoying most ones are still there though.

1- LOD bug with the fence leaving the town from the door close to the event in highsteppe. There’s an invisible fence right there and I see many people running into it and saying it’s a buggy game. That was temporarily fixed in an update but we got an update few days later that broke it again.

2- rain. I know the devs haven’t found out how to show rain and still perform well on Quest. Which I can understand. But can we at least get the sound so we know when it’s raining?

3- blue orbs to replace player… Smart move! But can it prioritize party? Sometimes I arrive at a location before my 1-2 friends in my party and then they arrive as blue orbs with no name no nothing to know that they are those little blue orbs.

And while I’m here - the warrior class can hold his weapon up high to reload an attack. The sound is sometimes higher than the environment and other sounds which I like! But other times it’s muffled by the surrounding sounds and we can barely hear it. Any way to make it always the sound we hear the most? And it seems like I need to have a perfect angle and not move my head or rotate my character or it resets the “holding” time. A bug or designed to be used only when static and holding the right angle?

Thank you.
Btw I hate to make a post with negativity even if it’s constructive critiques. So I’ll end up by saying I’m super hyped about the DLC and it made me so excited that I’m back playing this game every nights. I love it!


I completely agree with this. Just because the Quest has extreme processing restrictions which makes it less pretty than PC, doesn’t mean it should be ignored. In my experience, in-game and out Quest players tend to get treated second-class. Quite bullshit, if you ask me, a Quest player :joy:


sorry I cant understand this LOWER CLASS language


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On quest they made other players blue orbs? That’s not a solution lol.
I don’t have quest but from what I’ve seen they run Fallout VR and Skyrim VR flawlessly so why is Orbus having such an issue?

Is it the fact they would have to rework coding to make it up to par and they are avoiding it?
Like I’m seriously confused bc higher detailed and larger games are doing fine but Orbus isn’t? There’s got to be something I’m not understanding here can someone help?

Preferably @Mathieu_D should explain this bc he’s probably explain it the best but if anyone else could that would be great too.

Quest have proved to be extremely powerful (for what it is) when optimized. The issue I can see is that OrbusVR seem to be built on unity. Probably an older version. They would need the latest version to be able to work with Vulkan which would give it a bit more room to work with.

Another issue seems to be that the world wasn’t built with Quest in mind. I can be totally wrong on this one though… But I don’t think it is using techniques such as texture atlas and other optimizations that can be easier when building from the ground for the Quest.

I cannot blame them since they squeezed the game inside the Quest because it was on pcvr first. For that I can only say thank you.

I am sure that the sales show the enterprise how important is the Oculus Quest in a VR game industry. It’s high on the list if not first. And what they achieved by pushing this huge world in a tiny self contained headset is crazy!

I noticed today that the invisible wall isn’t (or wasn’t) an issue anymore. It appears when getting closer which is a great thing. It used to only appear from certain angle. But the event lights still seem to have the issue from a certain distance.
Rain is not fixed and I haven’t been able to test party as orbs.

As I said it is not a complaint but a constructive critique. I am really happy with the game so far.

Skyrim and fallout run on PCVR only. Quest act like a rift when plugged to a PC (or streaming VR from the PC wirelessly like the vive pro with adapter).

Native games are far much more compressed and optimized. OrbusVR could be better optimized but would probably require a major overhaul and would probably cost too much to worth it.

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That makes more sense, I didn’t check to see if the content I watched was people using the cable but it would seem they had to.

So this would mean that Devs are just avoiding reworking the game for quest?
I’d assume do to cost of it like you said.

I always thought the game is the way it is do to the Quest’s limitations. Can’t create an un-fair advantage for PCVR users. They can only implement stuff that can work on both (besides graphical stuff)

Hi! welcome back to Orbus. We appreciate the feedback and there’s definitely things we can improve on the Quest side of things. Just to address your points directly:

1: I wasn’t personally aware that fence LOD was missing, so I’ll pass the note along to the Dev team. It sounds like a simple fix and we should be able to resolve that.

2: For the rain, we have plans on showing some kind of indicator (like near the healthbar at the top) when it rains for all players to solve that problem. Can’t say when that would be going out yet but it’s on our todo list.

3: Regarding the blue orbs, the way it should work is already prioritizing party members over other players - normally the 10 (I believe) closest players to you render, or your party members and then the other ones. If it’s not been working like that for you, then there’s a bug happening. If you know a reliable way to reproduce that issue (or think it’s happening every time), we can further look into it and see what’s going wrong.

Last note I want to touch on, we’ve also got some new solutions hopefully coming up soon to better debug the Quest stability and will let everyone know when that’s implemented.


It is a lot harder than that. I am sure they are working hard to make the best out of what ressources they have. Rebuilding from the ground would be a way too big investment especially since they basically did that a year ago with reborn.

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Thanks for answering.
1- my friend notified me that it seems to work in the latest version. I went out and tried myself and it shows when getting close to it. Maybe it was fixed recently as I had the bug about a week or two ago.

2- that could work but life bar only shows on shield for me. Unless you mean level bar? I kinda hate on screen UI but if it’s what it takes I’d live with it…
Have you tried simply giving a rain sound? Or is it too hard on the already small cpu?

3- awesome. I haven’t had a big party since early winter so I haven’t been able to try this lately. But I will definitely try to reproduce it and see if it’s fixed. Thanks a lot!

Great thing to get the Quest version more stable. I’ve been having quite hard time with enemies animations not showing when attacking, enemies attack names and loading bar not showing… It’s quite hard to time attacks and such in dungeons when you don’t see them coming. Especially the smash. I am also having issue with raising the sword to load previous move. Sometimes I can’t hear the sound, other times it just won’t load.

Still in love with the game and playing it a lot. Just hope that those are fixable and on a list somewhere :slight_smile:

Have a great weekend!

Regarding the sword charged strikes I believe you’re referring to, I may be off-base here but I believe it’s a lot easier and more consistent to hold the sword completely to your side pointing (for example) to your right and slightly behind, as if you’re leaving yourself open to attacks or preparing a large sweeping attack in front of you.

That should be more consistent than above your head.


Will definitely try this! Thanks for the tip.

Don’t use the charge mechanic. From what people have tested it is worse than spamming combos except for wound in some circumstances. Though as warrior while tanking you should really only be using provoke and sometimes hamstring based on the situation

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That is if you are right handed x3 I find that I can spam provoke faster when charging. Then again, I do not practice warrior at all.

Its going to be the practice thing, I can still spam provoke faster using left handed warrior than using the charge. Its just much more difficult because I have not practiced it left handed. But I was able to still do faster than the charge method without using left handed warrior since maybe old game if ever.

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I found out that provoke is better spamming but wound seem to deal more damage on the recharge.
Maybe it’s just because the number is higher so I think it does more… But I do trust you. I’ll test it myself and see if I can spam fast enough to make it worth it.

Thanks for the tip.

Disagree. I don’t think you understand at all the limitations they are working with when it comes to the quest. They are working with 4GB of RAM. That’s REALLY difficult to work with. Most people can’t even efficiently run office apps much less gaming apps on that little of ram. In a MMO you have so many things that need a good chunk of RAM so they can load it all in. I think they’ve done on an amazing job and keep striving to make things better for those on that device.

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Original Orbus was on a MUCH older version of Unity and with it came alot of bugs that were cleaned up with newer versions. They actually redid a huge chunk of their code so they could move to the updated unity engine with all its VR bug fixes. That’s what Reborn was.