Offensive in-game names, are there restrictions?


I just wanted to ask if in-game name wise everything goes or if there are certain limits that you should not break? And if so what are those limits? Are racist names allowed?

If these are not allowed should we just report them with a screenshot?

I dunno, just curious because I stumbled upon some raunchy names out there.


I believe you can use the in-game report feature for this, it’s the 1st menu button at the top which shows the close by players and then just click report and fill in the details

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there are some rules around the character name that can be found here:

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and specifically:

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Thanks mate never realized there was a report function in place.


Like people above said, be sure to report any names you see that are inappropriate or offensive.

Just to go into some more detail- When you select the “Nearby Players Tab” (single head silhouette) at the top of the player menu, you will see all nearby players in your vicinity. You can then click on the players name (in this case the one with the inappropriate name) and select “Report”. This will bring up a pop up that you can then add additional information to to describe the event. This report gets sent directly to the dev team along with some other information (like other players nearby) so we can follow up on the report.

This information can also be found inside the “Help” section of the player menu (The “i” icon) along with some other FAQ of the game.

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