Official Discord Channel

I am curious, Orbus, why don’t you have any official discord channel?

I ask because the current (unofficial) channel isn’t and hasn’t been managed properly and people are getting kicked out for simply having an opinion that differs from the people who run the channel. I have a few horror stories from players reporting deleted posts simply because their opinion differed from the moderators… and some of them actually being banned because they couldn’t agree to an understanding about their differences. That is not right and we should all have an equal chance at a community. I think Orbus owes us that, particularly since the in-game voice, is crappy at best.

I would like an input from Orbus on this one please.

Our stance is and has been to leave platforms outside these forums or in-game to the community, and focus on the ones we own here, to try to foster a constructive and civil atmosphere where we can.

There are dozens of OrbusVR Discord servers, and people are always free to start new ones as well if they do not like existing ones, or to take it up with the moderation team of those servers.

As in the past, I’m going to lock this thread as we do not want any imported grievances from outside of our official platforms to be discussed here.