OMG Fellowship The Filthy casuals

Do you want the kids to stay off your lawn?
Did you walk up hill both ways to school? Barefoot?
Is grey the “in” hair color of your friends?
Have you seen it all / done it all, but cant remember half of it?
Is “back in my day” something you would say?
Did you rock a rotary dial phone?
Did you threaten to pull the car over?
Well you should join the fellowship geared to you interest!!
The Old Man Guild
(not trying to be sexist or anything, but OPG just didnt have the same ring, and im an old man, so…)

Not planing on racing to endgame, but I will get there. Just looking for a group of filthy casuals not intent on powerleveling. Looking for fun over rules, and all that.

Does this interest you, hit me up here or ingame and your in. No application, no questions, no fuss.


Count me in. Young kid? check. Grey hair? A little. Rotary phone? My parents had one growing up.

I am pretty time limited and tend to end up playing if I am up at like 3AM, but always good to join a group that isn’t rushing or punishing for not putting in hours every day grinding out the lvls/gear.

CharName: Dralek

Yes. We could almost afford the shoes. Mostly just in our beards. Cant remember half of yesterday. Yes. Ive repaired rotary phones because we didnt just throw things away back in my day.

Im wrothbog in game.

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does your guild have any affiliation to the AO guild “the filthy casuals”?

This sounds like it might be my speed.

I will message you when I get home from work, and after the kids have gone to bed.

No, only played AO for a month. Never heard of them

Message me here, in game, or on discord, we will hook up and get set.

OPG: Over Powered Geezers

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Maby next time, thats not bad. I find it funny to hear OMG it’s Decnav Make’s me feel like Norm from Cheers .

I should join… when I was young I had to walk 8 feet through green shag carpet to change to one of only 2 other channels


lol this is me can i join please?

im in if your in the right time zone im gmt :slight_smile:

You know I’d join. I will if we get the opportunity to join multiple fellowships!

This sounds like my speed! Slow, steady, and full of laughs.
In-Game character name: Calvin

I should be on later today, I will look for you

Not only did we rock a rotary phone, but we had party lines… and oh what fun they were. :laughing:

This sounds about like my speed. New player here, interested in joining.

In game character name is - Cásimer

Are you in the discord? Ill hop on whenever you are ingame

Hi! My names Bex and I’m a level 15 warrior. I have a 1 year old and share a computer with my husband so this guild sounds right up my alley! I’m PST. You guys still taking recruits? :slight_smile:

Well everyone else has moved on to more active guilds. I still play alot but a various times. I hop in when I can, I play from work mostly.

I wish I had seen this post earlier. :cry: