On the topic of ranger ... or all classes for that matter

It’s no secret that some abilities are more favorable than others in a class. Here is what I think on the matter, let players use everything in a class and not limit them in their choices. At least then players would be willing to use the less favorable abilities along with the Meta abilities.

Fire arrow has a use for add control, but no one wants to run it because it replaces their other arrows so why bother.

Smoke arrow … why use it, it replaces my other arrows.

Get want I’m saying? If a player has to choose, they’d pick the ones that are the best. But if everything was available to use at once, they would use the lesser ones with the greater ones … well, they’d use the greater ones more but the lesser ones would be there to help provide a little extra.

We could have our arrows placed on our belt in the order we want to use them and the belt switches to the next arrow once we use the one currently in place. Cycled arrows.

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