Open Alpha download stuck?

My download seems to be stuck at 30% on the resources.assets file, as seen in this screenshot. I’ve left it for about half an hour, and it hasn’t moved. Using some 3rd party software, I can see the process isn’t using any bandwidth. When I restart the launcher, it seems to resume downloading, but only for a little while, before getting stuck again.

Windows 10, wired ADSL connection. Any suggestions for things I could try? I’ll redownload the launcher and start over first, but I wanted to put this out there in case this is a common issue.

Yep. Just to update, I deleted the directory the launcher is in, redownloaded, and I’m still getting stuck at the same point. I’m really hoping it either starts working on its own, or someone has a solution. I’ll be real bummed if I miss out on this.

Does the 0.28 part keep changing? Or it literally just gets stuck?

Random thoughts:

  • Do you have enough free disk space? I’m assuming so but just in case.

If it keeps happening let me know and we’ll figure something out for you.

Once it gets stuck, it stays at whatever the download rate was. For example, it’s now stuck at .33MB/sec after a restart. Of course, according to both task manager and the other software I’m using, there’s zero network usage.

I have plenty of disc space on the hard drive the launcher is on. However, my C:/ is an SSD with only 5 GB space remaining. Does the launcher install to C:/ regardless of where the exe is?

It seems that every time I restart the download, it gets a few percent further than the last time, but still has to redownload the entire resources.assets file. Last time I restarted, it got to 32% before stopping. I restarted again, and it’s up to 50% and isn’t stopping. I didn’t change anything, so I’m assuming it’ll freeze again, but if the download actually finishes for this part, I’ll post an update.

I can’t explain why, but it looks like the resources.assets file finished without freezing. Perhaps whatever was wrong has decided to magically work itself out. Hopefully the rest of the download continues. Thanks for trying to help! I’m looking forward to playing. :slight_smile:

No problem, sorry for the trouble!

It’s gotten stuck again. Now, it’s stuck on the resources.assets.resS file. I might just have to keep restarting the launcher every few minutes, unless you have any suggestions for things to try. Is there any kind of log saved anywhere that might help?

I’m making you a zip with everything in one file. One moment.

So this is a version of the launcher with the current download already done: (EDIT: New link below) just download and extract it and you should be good to go.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the help. I’m incredibly excited for this game.

No problem! Glad to have you with us.

Here is a new version with the latest patch in case you have that problem again:

Thanks a tonne for the full download link, my download was stalling at file 22/104 every time with a different % completed each time.

EDIT: Spoke too soon, the full zip kept stalling too. I have now tethered my phone to my computer and I am waiting to see if that lets me download it.

I will try uploading it someplace else.

I’ve also uploaded the full launcher witht he patch pre-downloaded here if you still weren’t able to download it: [INvalid, see below]

Perfect, thank you, this mega link worked. It is worth noting that when I had my cell phone internet tethered the patching process got past the 22/104. However it was extremely slow and going to take over an hour so I was able to download from your mega link in less than a minute with my actual internet instead.

I now have the game up and running. I really appreciate the help, thanks!

If it helps with troubleshooting at all I am on Rogers internet in Canada.

I’m experiencing the same issue, on the same files, with the same ISP, and the prepacked launcher .zip is stalling for me too.

It says the MEGA is no longer available either… am I doing something wrong? I’ve got 20 GB of free space, so I’m definitely not out of room on my hard drive.

I’m going to be putting out a new patch in like…10 minutes. When I do I’ll get you a new Mega link.

@Ben_A Try this link: [Invalid, see below]