Optimal story level

hey, so i tried starting the story quest and got my a** handed to me. what is a good time to start the story quests level wise?

You are going to also be wanting to do vendor quests while doing the msq.
But I’m not sure the recommended level you start

Short answer, 5.

Longer answer: Having dabbled around only 4 of the classes, I’ve found that a players skill with any given class sort of impacts a good answer to your question. I have noticed as feature of playing in VR unlike your typical desktop MMO, where you find the button-rotation, memorize it, head out and rise-and-repeat the cycle. In this game; ( again something I appreciate ) it really requires practice.

No amount of desire from the end user will make killing mobs easier than sheer practice and skill. Accepting that, I have taken a different mindset to the character I am using when I play this game. Being able to solo a given class, while I’m sure it is possible, for me I appreciate the safety factor of switching to musketeer after battle for a fast-heal. The classes and their abilities become a reflection of the character, and the users opting to maintain weapon/armor sets in their bag.

I don’t normally write such long responses to anything I find here, because I’m still pretty new to the game, but this question struck a chord with me because I have at times felt the same way. Spinning up a new class to find the ‘right one’ has finally led me to the realization that the way that I like to play ( One character for All classes ) might not be everyone’s cup-of-tea.

Final thoughts:
Find a class that you enjoy playing, and practice with it. If it turns out after level 5 you’re still not great at it, ( happened to me with Warrior ) try to accept it, and seek other classes as your attack-primary.

Basically any level, as long as you are good at your class level scaling will carry you.