Orb Mount Blueprint Pursuit

From what Ive seen and heard, nobody has found the orb mount blueprint yet. I know that Kala has been fishing for it, but their post was closed and disclosed no status update on the progress of finding the blueprint. I’m creating this post to gather as much information on the blueprint as possible since I only know it’s location: the lower lake in highsteppe. If anyone knows if it’s primary, secondary, or tertiary bait, I’d appreciate that as a good start to compiling a spreadsheet of the possible combinations where I can cross off lures that get nibbles. I’d also appreciate it if everyone shares lures that got blueprint nibbles but not bites so we can all start to narrow down the options. Once I get sufficient information on the lure, I’ll post the spreadsheet of the ineffective lures so that everyone can pitch in and post their findings until we all solve this together. If somebody has the blueprint and knows the lure for it, feel free to save us all time and post it here, please.

Remember it’s about the journey, not the destination.

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I beleive many people got it before the drop rate was nerfed

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Yea please post with spoilers around, I wanna help out new players too if needed and feel it’s unfair me and so many others got it effortless.

I repeat my answer which was originally posted in the discord support channel, since it fits better here:

The initial player request was not a special lure, but to stop replacing fish by blueprints (iirc I posted after fishing 20 bps and 20 spiralback instead of the 40 spiralback I wanted) and reduce the rate overall.

A better solution would possibly be to stop bp drops once one type of bp is in inventory, just like it was suggested for temple-keys.
So people can decide if they wanna block them by having one in inventory (need to look it up but I hope they’re weight 0?), or if they wanna delete dupes regularly… I am drowning in Essence-Tree ones also, after each dungeon evening!

Back to Orb Mount, everyone I know fished that bp when it was easy, so most of community doesn’t bother searching for lures since then. New players are at a disadvantage now, would be only fair to have at least a - spoilered - line in a thread to look it up for those who do not want to search and test themselves.

Metris, I’ll dm you, just trying to keep spoiler off the main forum.

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