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I recently read Alex_F’s old post about adding blacksmithing as well as more free time activities and I couldn’t agree more. Personally his ideas on saving up to purchase a house in different locations with beautiful views is spectacular! Having a game that you can just admire when your not grinding is so important and honestly I love enjoying a game in all aspects even if I’m sitting on a hill side watching a virtual sun go down, or stars come out it always makes me grin… tbh I’d love to see other people’s suggestions about things to add in the comments! Personally I know along with Alex’s post i’d say cooking and blacksmithing, or hanging out in a tavern, maybe even hunting! And when defeating an enemy they could burst into oblivion like on SAO which is such a rewarding feeling after a battle :slight_smile: All of these make a RPG great :slight_smile: anways thanks for reading this! Let me know whatcha wanna add!


Hey thanks for reading my posts!
Is anything of those mentioned things being considered?
Btw. I really like the idea to see enemy’s burst into oblivion like in SAO.


Not sure if they are being considered but if we can find enough people to agree it’s be hard to say no!


Alex_F, I did actually contact the creator of the game!! Hopefully he hears us out and maybe takes some things into account! But I’m super hopeful dude!!

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I’m on board with all this stuff! Primarily for me, I’d like to see more leisure activities, both in taverns and in houses! It’d be cool to hang out in the tavern and play a few minigames, or invite people over. And even better, it might be nice to be able to put money down on the games. Does a lot for the immersion!


Exactly you get it! Nothing like making friends and going to the local tavern/ pub and playing mingames by the virtual fire! Leisure activities is what makes it an RPG! :slightly_smiling_face: makes you create a little more of a bond with your fellow players as well as sometimes making great friendships!


Niko_B check out our other chat about Orbus I created there were really great ideas and a lot of awesome input !!

Alex_F dude we got people that all love the same ideas !

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Thanks, I’ll take a look! Exactly though - plus, leisure activities are one of the things that can be suuuuper unique about a VR MMO. Most other things, we’re just borrowing from traditional MMOs… but you can’t hang out with people quite in the same way as you can in VR, and so the ability to grab some friends, do an intense quest, head back to the tavern to just sit down, relax, and play some games before getting on the move again, would be a whole new dynamic to MMO gameplay.


Couldn’t have said it better!

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Really hope it happens! I think that’s what a lot of the other biggest VR games nail… like Rec Room has lots of regular games, but also all sorts of ways to interact within and outside of each game. And Echo Arena has its own games, but there’s plenty to do with other people just floating around the game lobby in between those games.


you know you can already buy new houses in orbus


Yes, but they all look the same.


I totally agree with you. The social aspect of VR is one of it’s biggest selling point. Also since we always have to move our bodies in VR, it can be quiet nice to rest your muscles in the game and just hangout with friends at a tavern. I feel like fishing really shows of how much people love these leisure activities, which let you do things at your own pace.
I wish the developers tell us their views on these kinds of aspects and in which direction they want to go (at least for now).

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Yep, that’s why I really love fishing in this game! But it sure would be lovely to have some other options as well. I know the devs are super busy with a lot, but I’m looking forward to hopefully hearing about some developments in this direction eventually in the future.

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I love the Idea of more free time activities.
I´m a new Player like 10 Hours but i really like this Game.
It would be great to cook things, forge things, grow plants, change houses and to play everything at the maximum rank.

I bet it feels amazing to sit in a Tavern or private House to eat or drink something together while talking about his Adventures.


Right on Kai_B1 that’s exactly what we all would love to see so much!! :slightly_smiling_face:


I never thought about growing plants but now I absolutely love the idea. It doesn’t have to be a lot of plants etc. but still having plants would be super cool. They would motivate players to water their plants and therefor come online. Maybe there’s a plant that when it blooms gives you a spell. Or there’s a plant that blooms every 5 days (when taken care of) and gives you dram.


In general I think that this VRMMORPG should offer as much as possible because this is a new medium. Therefore it just has to offer more than a normal mmorpg to get people to buy in VR.


Or growing Plants for Potions :slight_smile: and cooking :stuck_out_tongue:

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