Orbus Armory down

I know this is a private site and is not really affiliated with Orbus, but does anyone know why this site is not working today? It was fine yesterday.

@aRkker paging Dr. Orbus Armory

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Does anyone know the url of the api to get the public event info so that I can use that while the Armory is down?

There is no API for the public event info.

As for the project itself, there was a misunderstanding with one of my domain name registrars (aka I fucked up and cancelled the wrong domain). It might take a while to sort itself out, but hopefully it’ll be soon. Generally speaking within 24 hours.

EDIT: looks like its starting to propagate the DNS information around the world. For some it’ll work, for some it’ll take a bit of time. About half of the world seems covered right now


Thanks for getting it back up. I use it constantly.

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