Orbus has been super fun lately! + Is there a credits scene?

So, I know we have all the Reborn ruined Orbus posts and I came back at the beginning of Reborn patch and was also disappointed as I didn’t end up hooked enough to keep playing. But I came back again after the new dungeons dropped, changed things up, met new players, joined a few newer guilds and have honestly been having a fantastic time.

The two new dungeons are beautiful graphically (mines especially) and have some nice mechanics mixed in with good o.g. mechanics.

The PVP population is active and competitive but also friendly, and queues seem to pop pretty often whenever we get a good population in Highsteppe. I might actually get to Rep 7 to finish the lore quests.

The grinder device lets me just chill (at least for its first four levels) when I want to get on after work and do something really simple while still feeling there’s some value to the farming.

A number of friendly guilds (or even PUGers) having been running regular of normal raids, and everyone seems to be having a good time in them.

There’s still some general wonkiness in bugs (de-syncs and in-game voice chat, arghhh) and design (critter capture, something that has nothing to do with playing your class is still the most efficient way to level) but they’ve gotten to the point that while annoying I find them overlookable.

Also kind of unrelated, but does anyone know if there’s a credit scene at the end of any the quest lines? I’ve always enjoyed earning one of these at the end of a story quest (hopefully with a unique theme or cutscene) in games. I remember getting one after beating Bishop Roma in the Necropolar in o.g. but I might have just imagined it.


No, there’s no cutscenes anymore.

we normal just say thanks Riley.