Orbus House and thoughts!


So I have some questions about the house… as much as I like spawning in with a player home to go to… does anyone else like the idea of having to purchase a house? Maybe in a few different locations? In town and in the country! :slightly_smiling_face:
Also tbh I looked into reborn more and have honestly been astounded with how much of an upgrade it is! Tbh I don’t want to ever see graphics that make the game look like real life at all! The only graphic setting that I’ve ever liked is beautiful look with a cartoon feel like this…

Anyway pretty excited for the quest release! And hoping to get all my friends in with that hopefully playing this!!!


I hope we will get arms


I hope we don’t, its a waste of rendering power spent on meaningless arms that cannot even be tracked well when it is not necessary and could reduce framerate due to rendering more objects.


What about legs tho?


The procedural arm movements they added to payday 2 didn’t add any more or less performance requirement. Nothing like a good hug before you go rob a bank. But honestly, procedural arm movements generally work out OK as long as there is a decent calibration option (Payday 2 has a good one). procedural Leg movements with no hip and foot tracking look janky. Raw Data had a really good go at both and pulled it all off, but it takes a lot of work.


I agree legs and arms would be amazing I’m sure I’ll be in the game eventually


i just prefer to know that all of my power is going to rendering essential things as opposed to non essential things, it is a preference thing and if it was added I would at least want a way to disable seeing everyone’s arms and legs


We somehow already purchase houses, or least getting all the different keys for them, I got a house in desert, jungle, guild city, and you can use all of them even if your last key bought is the one for Highsteppe (not an intended mechanics, but certainly very convenient).

The question is what would be different from the current game, you can’t populate the world with houses for everyone, because there are too many players for this, many of them only checkin out the game and leaving so there would quickly be ghost towns and taking them away after x time would suck for those only doing a longer pause.

What I’d rather like would be more customization options for the interior, a different wall design you can purchase, additional furniture, flowers, carpets and so on, and of course then an option to enter it with a group to show people around, it would be so cool to privately practice spells with a friend in the basement or show your critter-collection :smiley:


Yeah, I totally agree. Also there should be different house sizes. Maybe some houses have a better view. There has to be different wallpapers.


This makes me think about having a monthly auction stall for a limited amount of houses. Just like the stalls work now. It is an interesting thought.


That would be amazing for guild halls
Or having some type of guild war for the different guild halls


Very cool I love the ideas everyone is putting on here :slight_smile: possibly adding one house that’s a cabin…in the woods…near a lake…:joy:


And a flying City?
#Sword Art Online


Honestly though this game is the first VRMMORPG and has so much potential it ain’t funny! If it works perfectly on the oculus quest, maybe add the option between sword and shield or one hand or dual, then cooking and house maybe some grass to sit in I might be in heaven… a lot to add and a lot of money but yeah I’d love to make friends have fun and tbh just sit back at the end of a virtual day and watch the sunset


Haha I was just going online to suggest this when I saw this thread. I was going to suggest that you should be able to purchase custom stuff for your house via the store. The one you can purchase different mounts, pets, and hats. I really want there to be an option to get or purchase a mirror. So you can see your reflection, in your gear and dye as well. Please have a mirror!!


how about a howls moving castle style front door?

TLDW (too long didnt watch): Make it so that we can switch a dial or put in some combination by the front door so that when we open the door, we end up in a new zone.

some kid building something similar in minecraft.


Pretty awesome ideas !


Right?! Like I actually wanna be able to look out my window of the house I saved up for and grinded out selling items to get and think wow I love it here…

I know the grass is not green but what a canvas of beauty to sit in, fight in, spend hours walk in through ( and not always that deep )


It would definitely make it more exciting to move into a house if you had to work hard for it.

And while we’re at it, it would also be great if you had to build up and buy/craft everything inside it. Like - if there was a public alchemy station somewhere, but if you wanted your own private space to work, you had the incentive to get a house and craft your own alchemy set to place inside. Then if you wanted to age your potions, you had to build up and craft the rack for them as well. Etc.

I think that’d add more dimensions and motivation for progress, which is vital in an MMORPG. It’s not always obvious what the point of advancement is in an MMO, but that would be another avenue to motivate the sorts of people that would be into it.

More customization in general would be great too - especially if you could hang up trophies from kills (maybe earning them after you kill 100 or so, for example). Then you could have your own space to invite people into. I’m taking a lot of inspiration from Runescape, which had its own Construction skill, and made for perhaps the most engaging player housing system I’ve experienced so far.

Finally, it’d be nice to have activities to do with people in one’s home. Since we’ve already got dragon racing, throw the possibility of building a course inside the house. If other simple tavern-esque minigames are added, even better. Then you can build some inside your house, and invite people over for game night, in an emergent bit of fun.


Lord of the Rings Online does a very good job with this. Basically, items are used in particular slots and there’s a button you can push to toggle editing mode. You just replace the items and can move the furniture around as you wish.