Orbus in VivePort Infinity


it would be great to see Orbus in VivePort Infinity, I bought the game, but it seems to me that online will increase if more people have access to Orbus


I have never heard of this VivePort Infinity, my guess is the game store for vive; but the game is literally on steam. It is really hard as a PC player to not know about steam as it is so widespread, if we were to assume that right now there are 18 million users and say that only 1 million of those users have vr for PC in any way and then assume only 500,000 of those users have a PC powerful enough for Orbus or other VR games.
That would be 1 person out of every 36 users of steam alone who could run these VR games. It would be highly more likely that people who know about this game actively use steam. Orbus also has reasons that Orbus would not be possible on VivePort Infinity, the ingame cosmetic store would be totally unusable, as you did not buy the game and are merely using viveport to play and we would have to wonder how payment would be routed, Reborn is currently coming out soon and therefore the game will increase in price, for the devs it makes no sense to add it to VivePort Infinity when we first of all don’t even know how the developers of the games get the money, and second due to a price increase coming soon to Orbus due to Reborn it would make no sense adding it to VivePort right now as then you would get the update for free without even owning the game.


The price isn’t increasing with reborn, confirmed by Daynab that the price will be staying the same


I don’t say here and now, it’s great to see the game in the future viveport infinity expand the player base, items and everything else can be tied to an orbus account. after purchase I entered my account in the game menu)


I remember at some point a dev saying price would increase for reborn, might have changed.


I think we mentioned that early on as a possibility but it won’t be changing for Reborn, just to confirm.


Can be done through the website like in most mmorpgs and games.