Orbus map not 3D

Why do we have this low resolution map that looks like something from the 90’s and not a full holographic 3d map that actually would enhance the game? If the quest can’t take it, just don’t give them the map.


Bruh. I love the map. The first time I logged into the game, I got lost for three full hours until someone told me how the teleporter tool works, because I was trying to use the journal maps and I (as a person) get lost easily. This map is the only reason I was able to find my way around to do the seasonal event.

Yeah it can be more pretty, but everything can. It existing is drastically better than it being 3D, imo.

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I do agree that a better map then the one in the book was needed, but it really is one of the worst game maps I have seen…

Orbus 2019

Red alert 1 1996

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I reiterate:

Not to mention that if it did become 3D, I’d still prefer a 2D option, as 3D maps are harder to read, imo.


A repositional 3d map would actually be bad***. Then you could just rotate it vertical to make it a “2d” map so to speak.

Why not an actual rendering of the miniaturized game map?

Or if it’s meant to be like papery/artsy, then yea I’d have to agree the current map looks pretty rough. I’d just give an artist a top-down 3d rendering of the map and tell them to draw it / make it look spiffy according to specific style requests.

Our main focus for this feature specifically was to get it to function as clean as possible and help get players (especially new players) to where they need to go. I do agree that the image of the map itself could use some flare/polish (I personally like the idea of having the map drawn over by a 2D artist which would be nice for a second iteration). Are there any examples of maps in VR games that you guys like? As with all of our features, any constructive feedback is welcome.

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Why? The current map has a lot of topographical features that are hard to express in 2d, a simple stylish 3d map would sort that out. Something like this maybe:

I’m not talking a multy-layer resident evil map. But this is a vr game… having pictures, or Basicly any type of photo or depth drawing plasters on a flat surface looks horrible.
Just render it instead.

The half 3d map in the guildhall is another bad example of that.

this world is flat.

My favorit vr map feature is probably where instead of a map you get a direct bird eye view of the game to locate yourself and your surounding.

Hard to add in places names in that of course, but games like journey of the gods don’t bother naming things anyway.

Why didn’t they just add smart layers to the paper maps? They were prettier in a stylized way.

Mainly the part you cut out in the quote, “3D maps are harder to read, imo.” I get lost easily, and while I used to play 3D chess, the only way to assuredly get me even more lost is to add a time limit or give my map an extra axis and make it spinnable.

Nah, agreed that an RE map would be terrible.
The one I was thinking of when I went to comment was the ones that show every layer of a dungeon all at once with a little blip showing where you are in it that they have in most isekai animes. Can’t find a picture for reference, but I’ll look around more and try to find one to edit in.

Not the ideal picture, but it should give some idea as to what I meant.

Nah, it’s round, but carried on the back of a giant space turtle, of course. :wink:

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Lol, that is a 2d map, the one you wanted.
Is a map with hills really that hard to read? For me its 10 times easear if i know if im goinh up or down.

Nah, what I put is a 2D map that folds into a 3D one. But again, it was to give an idea of what I meant. Imagine being a blip on that map and how much searching, spinning, and running around you’d have to do to figure out where you are and where you’re going on that thing.

Can it really be that hard if the map is like my sugestion? I’m still talking a top view 3d map, not some mining shaft plan.

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