Orbus Reborn Qs



Can we have a breakdown of the Beta times for reborn and just a quick recap of what exactly will be carried over in the full version of OR? Thanks a bunch. I couldn’t find the post with this information.


Here are the beta times, I would love to know more though


Yes it would be very nice to know more it’s only 9 days now… like, will it be open for all or only some, do testers have to apply in advance, how will the access work, technically, and so on.


I am just here because I am excited.


Is this a way to get new pets or will there be other rewards from doing this?

Can’t wait for these :heart_eyes:

Is this going to be daily quests or something you can repeat as many times as you like with no limit? Or somewhere inbetween where you can do X amount of missions per day/week/month? More info please <3

Yesss :heart_eyes: will these zones be loaded with new gathering mats (and/or old ones too) and fish in the waters or will that be coming later?



You are the man! Thanks pal!


It will be open to anyone who currently owns the game, I would imagine if someone was to buy the game during the beta then they will also get access to the beta

This is something I’m also waiting to find out


Do we know what time Reborn comes up next Friday? Is it the same noon-central as in times past? (Asking for work scheduling reasons, thanks!)


It’s open to everyone who currently owns the game.

It will be the 12 PM Friday to 11 PM Sunday schedule that we have used in the past (Central Time).

We’ll be putting out a blog post today with more details on the Bard, and a blog post next week with more details on some of the other new features such as the Monster AI and Creature Capture activity.


So noon Friday right?


Yes that’s Noon Friday November 9th Central Time.


Just curious. Is there a way to opt out of the beta or is everyone automatically playing the beta instead of OG Orbus?


I’d imagine it works like any other beta in steam, with opting in through game settings. Don’t know about Oculus…


WAH - I do hope there is a way in oculus…


Will we be able to play runemage right off the bat or will we still have an unlocking quest chain prerequisite?


I believe it was said that runemage will be available without a quest in reborn


Nice, thanks, I hadn’t seen/remembered that.


I think it was said by one of the dev’s in-game, I honestly can’t remember when though


You can play it right off the bat, along with all the other classes.

Also, we will be using the old Download Launcher thing we used during the last beta (albeit a new updated one). We tried to work with the stores to get it up on there, but basically since we’re being all weird with what we’re doing (e.g. existing game, but it’s a totally new game so not a real beta of the current game, but we only want to make it available to people who already own the current game not to everyone in general, etc.) that was the only way we could do it for now.