Orbus Reborn Qs


So how does that work? Do we go to the orbus reborn site and download a new bata version of the game on Friday? If so when we log in does it know we purchased the game already from our login info? I purchased the game back in March or April via oculus store. I have never done the old bata test way, don’t Like to use steam as it’s another thing open to slow my system down but will if I have to. Thanks


Tomorrow I will post a link to a download of a separate launcher that will download the Beta.

As long as you have logged in on your OrbusVR account at least once (and linked it to your Oculus or Steam account) it will know you own the game and allow you to play in the Beta.


Will the CPU resources that the beta 2.0 uses be indicative of what to expect in the full 2.0 release?

Debating upgrading CPU and trialing beta.

Thanks for the help.


Yes it should be pretty close. We will still be optimizing things as we continue of course but it certainly shouldn’t be any more CPU intensive than it is in the Beta tomorrow.


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