Orbus theft of items

So 5 of us were out in the wilds and there was this lvl 8 following us. Now i thought he was lost so told him how to get back but got a blank stare. So we went on to kill our aberrations, well a stag got two of us and they dropped there loot. Then grabbed both bags and made a run to the entrance of the wilds. Now none of us had pvp on so he got away. Now to the point if you pick up a bag that is not yours and your not in the party with them you should become a bandit. I feel that is a action a bandit would do and shouldn’t be able to run the the guards for protection and make us become bandits trying to get our stuff back.


This is a very good point, and I’m inclined to agree. There are also a lot of similar scenarios that I think should possibly apply if we choose to apply this logic to the game. Like when your warrior chose to kill someone in the wild just before I showed up - Should the rest of your party become bandits as well since you can pick up his loot which he may have stolen from another? Seems like your whole party should have been bandits to me.

I think this video will highlight our concerns :https://clips.twitch.tv/RealCleverHummingbirdDancingBanana

Basically y’all pk some innocent guy, threatened to pk me when I came up, then claimed on the discord I took twice as many reagents as I did when you died. (though after the threats I don’t feel bad about those 10)

Totally agree. Any dishonorable action should be considered banditry and should flag a player accordingly.

I also think the length of your bandit status should be tied to how heinous your actions. For example, killing a player who’s already engaged with a mob should give a longer status, because it’s more sinister. Killing someone a lot lower level than you should be considered more sinister too. Or killing someone who’s already low on health before you engage them.

Killing a fisherman is dastardly. :slight_smile:


I also believe yall also took a level 6 named elionte’s items making you the second thief in orbus history :stuck_out_tongue:

As Marshal says, any dishonorable action should result in banditry.
Taking loot that wasn’t earned in some way (such as by participating in the fight) could be considered stealing and result in banditry (albeit with a lower timer than attacking or killing a player).

That said, it is the WILDS for a reason. If anyone not in your party approaches then all bets are off. If you want to be a bandit, go ahead and smoke them without a second thought. If you want to avoid being a bandit, don’t, but be ready to smoke them without a second thought if they try anything.

It could be argued that until loot is claimed in the wilds, it’s fair game to everyone in which case it wouldn’t be banditry.

Either way, live and learn. PVP should remain in the WILDS and not leak onto the forums (I’m sure I’ll regret saying that later…)


That’s fair enough. No worries. Being a bandit in Orbus is all part of the fun and games. If someone manages to steal some loot and gets away with it, kudos to them (in game, of course). It’ll help encourage other players to exercise more caution.

There are (or will be) measures to prevent griefing, harassment and any other activities which may make the game less fun for other people.

Hmmm…yeah I’m not really totally sure how I feel about this.

Like, the loot drops in the Wilds are intended to be ‘neutral.’ What that means is, once the loot drops off your body, it’s not “your” loot anymore, it’s just loot on the ground. It’s fair game for anyone to take. So I’m not sure that should necessarily make you a bandit.

On the other hand, I guess in that case that means you would have had to pre-emptively kill the Level 8 player (or any other player who is following you in the Wilds) since if you don’t they will just do this sort of scavange thing. And obviously that would make you into a bandit, which doesn’t make a lot of sense and isn’t something I want to encourage at all. And as you said, it makes no sense that someone can take something you just dropped, and then run to the Guards and you would become a bandit trying to get it back.

On the other other hand, the Wilds are supposed to be really dangerous and one of those dangers is losing loot. If we make it such that other people can’t take your loot without becoming a bandit, that is going to seriously decrease the threat of losing it, right? Because now basically no one will ever take your loot unless that are actively hunting you down, which means you don’t really have to worry about dying in the Wilds unless someone is actively attacking you (e.g. the PvE threat of the Wilds has no extra danger to it).

So…yeah, it’s a complicated question. I will spend some time thinking about it.

Probably what I will do is make it so that taking a loot bag does make you a Bandit, but only for a very short time (like 5 minutes).


A level 20 can 1-shot a level 8. I think the risk the low level player is taking to grab that loot is worth them keeping it if experienced level 20’s can’t stop them. It’s the wilds afterall


Due to the ability to pass around loot in a party, do you think it would also make sense to spread the bandit status to the entire party when one person becomes one?

Also- if a bandit takes your loot and you kill him for it back. I don’t think it would make much sense to become a bandit in the process of picking up their loot bag with your original loot in it. (Given they were still a bandit when it dropped)

I think loot from a bandit wouldn’t force you into bandit status. That would defeat the purpose of fighting bandits

Edit: also without the entire party turning bandit, the defending party with have some bandits on their side if they attack the party members that haven’t landed a shot yet but plan to.

oh that warrior was me lol i saw a some guy afk so i thought…what happens if i hit him, well he died in 1 hit and then i instantly died to guards lol so yeah first time in the wilds was pretty fun actually haha there was no intention of taking anyone’s bags, we even tried to give back someone’s bag but he was unable to communicate at all :confused:

Thanks for taking time to think about this. 5 minute timer for taking someones loot seems about right. Gives the player 5 minutes to track them down.

With that said, going into the wilds should be risky even if you’re just there to scavenge over players drops.

If im in a party in the wilds and someone aproches and refuses to communicate i would defenitly take the first shot just in case… dont mind being a bandit with the crew around :slight_smile: Its part of the game and it might be faster farming players trying to kill you being a bandit then actually harvesting :smiley:

Yeah turning your back on someone lurking behind you, no matter what level, is bad news lol. Pre-emptive. If they’re ballsy enough to venture in there and follow you it’s free game.

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dropped loot is a drop, simple… i think its not a good idea for turning ppl into a short-lifed bandits for grabbing a drop. sometimes, free loot just is in front of u and no ppl around - then what should player do ?

as my opinion, set up 2 kinds of pvp in wild. one is the usual one - u kill as u want then being a bandit if survive.

2nd one is players could declare a pvp to other, effective after 30sec countdown once declaring. no bandit penalty for declaring pvp. ppl could run away before 30sec countdown is end if don’t want a fight or be killed. declaration would be waived if ppl run away in a certain reasonable distant (let dev to figure out).

at least player could use no.2 pvp to keep suspicious followers in certain distant, has enough time to let friends / teammates to pick up dropped loots for you.

if u die alone in wild, then don’t expect u still can get back to corpse (loots).

p.s.attack before countdown is end, then bandit is switched on. of course, real robbers may use no.2 as their bandit escape. but at least no back stab from robbers…lol
if your party ignore any followers and fine for them, then you take your own risk by stealing corpses’ drops.

Ya five min timer wouldnt be too bad, though how three lvl 20’s got swindled by a lvl 8 they coulda just easily killed for being in a pvp area at such a low lvl is beyond me, in that context the 20’s deserved it and the lvl 8 is the true hero for surving tracking them.
Its a pvp area, so if you decide not to kill someone, you negate any right to complain of their actions later.
Thankgod riley sees the issues and is smart enough not to just agree but rather work it out intellegently. Kudos riley!

ok how about a different scenario a lvl 20 musketeer with full healing on grabs your stuff and run for the guards healling himself as your 5 person party turns bandits attacking him on his way there when you get there the guards kill all of you and the musketeer gets away with your loot and kills the whole group. The problem with killing players that are lurking around you makes you a bandit. If the player is graveyard running and you keep killing him everytime they come back you are stuck in the wilds as a bandit forever

Pretty simple, they were being peaceful and didn’t want to kill him, benefit of the doubt. They died to mobs, and he came in. Watched the whole thing happen on Twitch. It was quite pre-emptive. @Hare to say they killed others is also misleading, after you did that Elionte came around, and they yet again gave benefit of the doubt while neither of you would communicate. Lesson learned, you’ll most likely get killed rather than spared if your a low level venturing into the wilds, people are going assume ur scavenging.

Props to the heals if he can mange to run away despite stuns and frost attacks that slows. Now ur a bandit for killing him, time to hide. While ur team mates who didnt attack can body block his attacks if he does find u and cause him to become a bandit. Since musketeers orbs hit as an aoe. Then now he’s a bandit and you can prevent him from harasing teamate till bandit status disapears. Shouldnt be going into wilds alone.

but he has player combat disabled so he cant become a bandit only attack them