Orbus VR - Mixed Reality ALMOST works!

Hey guys and gals! My name is Jewels on Orbus VR and i am a mixed reality/virtual reality streamer on twitch tv.

As per request i am posting about an issue here regarding mixed reality game capturing. While i dont think this is a high priority, it is an EXCELLENT way to bring new players to your game! It basically helps people understand how the game is played. Allows a 3rd person view of the player using chromakey and image mask blending creating a mixed reality image where we combine real life with VR!

So far i have figured out your game currently does have mixed reality mode enabled. Most unity games do by default. I have seen some devs in shock when they didnt even know their game automatically supported mixed reality!

So for mixed reality to work you need both an externalcamera.cfg file in the game directory and a 3rd tracked controller (controller emulator works). Once you have those 2 things launching Orbus puts it into mixed reality mode where it gives you 4 quadrants:

Here is a screenshot of Sairento VR mixed reality mode https://imgur.com/a/DscbG
Disregard the right side that is OBS. On the left side you see 4 quadrants. Bottom right is just the 1st person mirror. It works fine in Orbus. The bottom left is the “background”, top left is “foreground” and the top right is the alpha layer.

Here is a screenshot of Orbus VR mixed reality mode https://imgur.com/wA1AKKu
Again, disregard the right side that is OBS. As you can see the game does in fact launch in mixed reality mode. It just doesnt render the 3 quadrants needed for mixed reality. i can sometimes see my hands moving around but for the most part they stay black.

I dont know how easy this is to address it could be something as simple as turning on a switch or it could be completely unsupported. I tell you this much though, mixed reality draws people in! It wows people! Any info you guys can dig up on this would be great! No rush though as im sure you guys are really busy. Do what you gotta do and let me know if you ever figure it out!

Oh and kudos on the launch! smooth as butter!

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Ok so i managed to get it working!!! KINDA!!!

Check these out. Mixed Reality only works with the fishing rod lol

Has this been added to bug tracking yet?

I am planning on purchasing a second set of Touch controllers for the 3rd sensor and had hoped to get MR set up in Orbus with one of the controllers and a green screen.

The fishing rod seems to prove that MR is supported somewhat-natively, and while I acknowledge this isn’t a high-priority issue I do agree with OP that it goes a long way to demonstrating the experience to users who don’t want to watch a shaky first-person recording.

Hmm, videos aren’t working for me.


this is actually really awesome!
I haven’t seen anything like this yet.

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