OrbusVR Client-Side Patch 10.77


A new client-side patch is going out in both Oculus and Steam stores shortly, with the following changes:

  • The “self radius” around the player for hitting yourself with things such as Musketeer orbs or Runemage spells has been reduced a bit. This means you don’t have to stick your wand/gun out quite as far to keep from hitting yourself with beneficial effects.
  • The Scoundrel “card getting stuck” bug should hopefully be fixed.
  • Fixed some issues with the new inventory highlighting system.
  • The Sparkle Gun is now working again.
  • Updated an incorrect potion journal page to the correct recipe (Enhanced Vitality).



Thanks for the “self radius” adjustment. Seems to help with my play style for muski quite a bit. Didn’t notice any issues after several hours of of shard runs. Feels pretty good at the monet.


Triplicity mage shield still hits yourself but this is fine


Drawing cards doesn’t work anymore on both connection types inside dungeons, Ill hit you up with the logs.


It never works at all in the first place? Or it starts working then stops?


I was able to draw cards at the start of the dungeon until I was in combat after that is was broke.


And it happened even after re-logging? Okay.


Same thing, Cards working until combat started. It was working perfectly fine last night inside dungeons


Okay try a fresh dungeon run and see if it’s working now.


Err, Well they now just drop to the floor.


Okay, try one more time.


They seem to be up and running again prefect! Thank you.


Great sorry about that. I have a patch to try and fix the remaining issues with that but the serverside part of it went out too early.


Yeah, Still dropping cards somewhat rarely. However I’m now stuck with a dark screen when logging in after my screen brightly flashed yellow! Ill also send the log.


Darn, I hoped we fixed that yellow bug. You should be reset.


The bug is happening in the overworld, It’s seeming to be triggered from just drawing cards or when entering a different instance! Swapping weapons fixes it until it happens again, Cards no longer drop to floor but however you can’t draw them.


I think there are some zones that got the old code. I am doing a new reset here in a bit that should fix it.

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