Orbusvr fellowship leaderboard

its wound be nice to have orbusvr reborn have its own fellowship shard dungeon beaton leaderboard including raids


Yeah, or even some kind of way to see what/how many members are in what fellowships without having to pull up the armory

yeah the alphabet armory have become very slow or crash for me

It hasn’t even been loading for me :sob:

it takes 25minute to and hour to load for me

:grimacing: Yeouch

arRker told you it is updating profiles a few hours each day, tho, only during this time it should be that slow. Outside these times it takes long to load, sure, but (for me) never that long, 2mins at max. If it takes longer for you, you might have catched malware or a hidden proxy which slows it down that much; run a malware scan and try different browsers/pcs to track that down.

Also no one has likely a clue how high the maintenance costs are which are paid by players not even playing the game anymore(!!) - we should be happy we still have the armory, the old, professional server costs were no longer bearable weeks ago, so right now it’s hosted on a private, rather slow machine.

Which is a shame because all the structure is there, the work is already done, to add suggestions and features like these.

I would REALLY wish the Orbus Team would like, team up with the armory one and make it official or fund it more (eg freelancer contract or providing server space), so that some things like guild leaderboards (I would love to know what each guilds fastests shard on every level was… we got a list like that privately on discord but it’s quite a fuzz updating it) and performance tweaks can be done, for a fair price.

My Orbus life depends on seeing progress, shard times, trying to do every shard on every level, get a higher guild score, move up the top100 and what not. Without the armory I would not play anymore and I know lots who say same.


Yes please, I don’t know many L30 players that don’t use the armory. 100% think it should be supported by Orbus. It’s used literally every time I boot up Orbus

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I want that leaderboard on all dungeons pls

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