OrbusVR: Reborn Launching in April 2019


Hi everyone! We’re pleased to finally announce the release windows for Reborn! We don’t have the exact day yet, but it’s coming in April!

Read more: https://blog.orbusvr.com/orbus-vr-reborn-launching-in-april-2019/


Just piggybacking on this, basically at this point you can plan on it being in the second half of April. I know folks may want to schedule time off from work and/or other obligations so we’ll be sure to give you at least several weeks of notice between when we announce the exact day and when it launches.

The final closed Beta test and Open Beta test will essentially be “launch ready” versions of the game, so you will get to play it in Q1, but we wanted to give ourselves a few weeks between the shut down of the current version of Orbus and the launch of Reborn to make sure everything was ready for the big launch rush.

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Will you be planning on launching on a Friday like you did with the raids?


What day of the week will we get the blog post about the scoundrel?


I think at this point the plan is to launch on a Tuesday or Wednesday, so we have a few days ahead of the weekend to smooth things out.

Probably most likely Friday.


Cool, looking forward to it, thanks!


So far I’ve lived in the beta tests, love what you’re doing with reborn. However, the beta’s have been coming with lots of problems. Like an entire zone being under the floor. Do you anticipate launch ready to be mostly free of big obvious bugs like this, to contain the rest of the missing content, and be balanced among classes?


By the time the Beta test begins on March 25, all of the content that is going to be in at launch will be in, all classes will have talents and supers, all zones will be final, etc.

Obviously in previous Beta tests there not everything has been in yet and there have been bugs, but that’s the nature of Beta tests :slight_smile:

But essentially you should expect to still see bugs in that March 25 test, but all of the major pieces should be there and there shouldn’t be anything as massive as an entire missing zone or something like that. And then by the end of that test obviously things should be as bug-free as possible for launch.


Here you say 22nd twice and the blog post shows as 25th, can you confirm which it is please?


Sorry, March 25th. I will edit my above posts. The blog is correct.


please don’t have pvp rewards underpowered, or else no one will have it on and the people who like pvp will be board


cant wait for this :fire:


People who like pvp will obviously have it on even without rewards, just like there’s pvp servers in other games people join with no difference in the actual game. Good rewards for arenas would be nice, though, yet they should not be equal to pve else that would be a fast cheaty way to gear-up, like, not fighting, but just teaming up and letting each others win.

As for high ‘rewards’ for having it on in general that would mean to force those who find pvp dull to play the gank-food for other’s entertainment… like it already is with the current fishermen. There’s no chance to get all wilds resources from the market, all the time, so if you wanna be a crafter or vendor, which got nothing to do with pvp, you are still forced to enter pvp. I truly would not miss this element in Reborn.


The difference is everyone has it on in pvp servers. So if someone tries to take a resource you are after, you can kill them for it. With the Opt in and opt out, the opt out people can get resources without any danger, making it easier to farm and no risk to lose anything. I think TrumpChange is referring to the extra experience, and extra resources, not the actual gear, since there is a much higher risk with having PvP turned on.

From the games I played, it seems the arena/bg awards are always 1 tier behind the PvE rewards. The PvP rewards typically give some advantage towards fighting other players, not mobs. They can use the PvP reward in PvE but it’s not as effective and won’t give you the best dps like the raid gear.

As for the cheaty way to gear up, some things need to be put in place, like a chess scoring system, where you really don’t get any points for beating players way below your ranking. Also, less points or longer ques for fighting the same team over and over. And a strong stance from the Orbus team about cheating your way on the leaderboards will lead to account suspension or ban. All of these together would probably deter most players.


Thank you Vassago. yes you are right that’s what I ment. Also the tricksters chest is pretty fun, I am hoping there is something similar, where you must have your pvp on in a certain spot a couple of times a day to get a nice reward.

Thanks, TrumpChange


I originally assumed it would be a War Mode-like system, where non-safe areas would have PVP and non-PVP shards. I can understand why that isn’t exactly how they did it, as players like seeing other players and bisecting your community in such a way would be a detriment to overall feel of liveliness of the playerbase.

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