Orbz need to be much more complex

ok so i’ve been thinking about the musketeer class and came to the conclusion we are basically an orb vending machine. we have by far the least complicated class to play and the least intense to play.

we aren’t swinging our arms performing combos. we aren’t wildly hurling stupid amounts of arrows. and we aren’t drawing runes under duress. we simply stand around and shoot and when an orb exits cooldown we cram it into a muzzle and go back to shooting.

as such we also have the lowest key abilities in combat. my lvl5 runemage with a beginner 35 wand could easily outdps my lvl10 musketeer with a desert 199 musket with 59 might (whatever that contributed) no contest.

and to be honest i don’t think musketeer’s need to do more damage. especially their guns. what i think we need is better orbs. and more of them. still with our current limit of 4 equipped

and we need synergy with our own orbs and other class skills.

i can provide ideas but ultimately i think the devs need to do this. i’d recommend they look into two games and how they’ve dealt with elemental abilities and what flexibility a good elemental system can achieve.

divinity original sin 2, and warframe

both use combinations of elementals to create additional effects warframe combines them at weapon modification so the effects are fixed during combat. DoS2 combines them during combat which is where i’d like to see this game heading.

for example: maybe we could see a system of more sciency elements since musketeer is sanctioned by the order. so heat, cold, corrosion and gravity. targeting an entity or the ground will change the effect slightly. combining orbs would cancel the current effect and replace it with another. hitting something with a corrosive effect could apply a weaken and a mild DoT like effect. following up with a cold attack could extend the duration or a heat attack could increase it’s effectiveness. a heat attack followed by a cold attack would cancel the burning and trigger a burst explode damage. so combining gives a stronger effect but cancels the DoT. so holding back on the follow up maximises the potential damage. whereas the reverse gives you minor crowd control initially with you ending it with an explosion. targeting the ground instead of an entity gives you the splash effects. fire+cold could either by a wider eplosion. or it could create a steam cloud as a variation on smoke bomb i saw the other day. these are the ideas i can come up with based on those two games.

i’m sure the devs could make something considerably more intelligent to play than our current class. where timing, target and technique play a role and it isn’t just cramming every orb into the barrel as soon as the cooldown is clear. i don;'t even need to differentiate between healing and dps orbs currently since the splash will heal me and the non orb part of the projectile still counts as firing the gun


I agree. I started this game as musketeer but found it very boring and thus switched to other classes

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One of my issues with the class is that you begin the game with all the orbs (as far as I know). From what I’ve seen you start with ~8 and don’t upgrade or unlock any differing mechanics which makes it a bit less interesting to play than it needs to be. An MMO core pillar is ability progression which I feel is missing from Orbus outside of Runemage’s spell discovery. Acquiring the orb types say each level from 1 to 10 would at least keep the combat interesting for those earlier levels as you can experiment as you go. Upgraded or alternate orbs would be very welcome too.

Passed that I agree the biggest immediate improvement to the class would probably be some form of synergy or combo system between orbs, whether that be firing in the correct order or loading multiple orbs to make a combined shot, even allowing multiple of the same type.

Don’t forget that you have a turret which can be used to heal or dps and create AoE versions of your orb effects which adds a little more depth if you position things correctly. But I agree overall, it’s almost always fire your orbs on cooldown and watch for heals if you’re using the non-regen variants.


it’s normal for it to be difficult to be a healer in an MMO. group up for questing, or solo grind mobs that don’t heal. once your 20 you’ll be able to do all the quests with ease.In Wow you don’t even spec healing while leveling. once you get max lvl or high enough you make the talent switch. this game doesn’t have a talent system but the concept of healers being ineffective in combat remains. I think it just really hits people hard in VR because you’re fully present for the boring and slow ride to lvl 20.
Are any of you guys doing lvl 20 content yet by the way? this game is new so it’s not a theme park for every level. we’re all supposed to get to lvl 20 and THEN the game starts. common Mmo stuff

I think you misread the post(s) there, it’s more a complaint about the mechanics being fully unlocked from the get-go and there being no real skill in using the class, those are legitimate complaints. This is coming from someone that mained a healer in almost every MMO out there for the past 15 years. Common MMO stuff is class progression and some sort of thought on how to best mix skills based on the situation or ordering for different effects. Both of these things are missing entirely from the Musketeer class in particular (so far). Higher level content and dungeon/raid mechanics don’t change having a 4 spell-system that you fire on cooldown that you’ve had fully unlocked since level 1. I don’t see myself ever changing my orb loadout which I feel should be something that happens, even as in the OP different elements for different mobs or cycle based on group size, enemies, area and such. Again, common MMO stuff as you said. :+1:

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I agree with this as well. I’m a long time support main and that’s the reason I chose to play a musketeer as my main class. However the orb mechanic seems too simple and although admittedly I haven’t done group content yet (aside from a couple random elites), I have a really good feel for mechanics and I’ve though about what would happen in a group scenario. Aside from changing a couple orbs depending on the fight (decurse, shield for mechanics, etc) the discipline would play mostly the same: shoot orbs mostly on cooldown.

I’d like to see some changes made to musketeer to make it more challenging to play well. It’s ok that the skill floor is low for new players, but there should be a reasonably high skill ceiling too for those of us who like supporting and don’t want to become an orb bot.

Support is usually the most challenging and engaging role in an mmorpg. Let’s make it so in OrbusVR too.


I find the challenge is in actually landing the shot needed. When the DPS in paper armor “accidentally” stands in the goo, then proceeded to run around like a chicken with his head cut off. Its a challenge to hit him with the heal. I find I have to position myself so I can see and shoot any party member without interference and hit them when they run about wildly taking damage.

I hope they dont make the class more physically challenging, this is the only one I can play and be decent at for long periods of time.

I agree that musketeer is pretty basic, and I find myself in a situation where I wish I chose a different class at the start cuz all I do when I heal for a group is look around, keep an eye on teammates hp, and grab orbs off cool down. And also tell team mates to run towards me when they take too much dmg so I can line up a heal. This was fun at the start, but is really getting boring now. Only reason im continueing on musket man, is cuz mage taking forever to lvl off grinding alone, and I want to atleast try to keep up with the comunity thats involved in the game(pros).

I’ve mained restoration shaman in WoW for 7years as a raid officer and even got listed as the best resto shaman during cata in the world, and I enjoyed that time simply because of my massive utility options. It wasnt just throw up shield off cd or keep regens going or use instant heal on the one dps that took dmg when it comes off cd. I had choices, I had goals, I had a life to my skills.

I would love to see more of a variety on what we can do. Throwing a puddle on the ground that dmgs enemies for tanks to walk the enemie into, an orb that shoots fireworks(I wanna be a mage), is just couple of my ideas. Devs can most likely come up with something cooler.

thats the thing, musketeer is largely just boring solo. it’s not difficult. you either out heal the mob attacking you and kill them through attrition or you don’t…reset to the graveyard and find something else to do or somebody else to do it with.

there is no thought. there is no strategy. it’s just keep spamming orbs off of cooldown until one of you runs out of hitpoints. you don’t play the game differently for lvl1 to lvl14 in my personal experience.

right now i find myself stuck between the desert and lucian plains. i can solo the worms fine but they’re annoying to fight. i can solo the non healing/ non reinforcing mobs of the plains. sadly there are few mobs like that in the plains. so i’m stuck in progression limbo just mass harvesting worms. after 2 hours of weakness - poison - spam bullets - heal - repeat, it’s pretty boring.

Scott, the game is designed with teamwork in mind. No offense but you’re not supposed to solo all the time, and the disciplines are balanced around group play as far as I know. If musketeer is boring solo but fun in a group that’s fine as the game is designed to be played with other people. Problem is when the discipline is boring in a group too.

Healers were never too fun or complex when soloing. I mean just look at games like wow where soloing as a healer means spamming 1-3 buttons (even less than the musketeer skills). However in a party things are much better in that game, and they could be here too.

right but i’m not a healer when i’m soloing, i’m a support class with exactly one damage attack apart from my regular weapon. as Michael_M1 was saying you spec into healing at lvl20 for endgame content before that you generally play as a different class. musketeer can only really heal tank it’s way anywhere on solo.

my complaint is that the orb system is not an interesting mechanic i’m not complaining about the difficulty. i’m not complaining the game is too hard too solo. you either can solo or you can’t and that’s entirely down to gear and mob capabilities right now. it’s not down to strategy or knowing your class or personal skill. it’s solely a numbers game, can you outheal the mobs DPS? musketeer needs to be more interesting than that or else people aren’t going to level it to 20

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