Other Hub Towns?


I don’t know about anyone else, but I think Highsteppe being the only hub town is a little boring. Personally, I’d love to be able to make other areas of the map my ‘home base’. Then i could enjoy the various types of scenery the world has to offer, rather than forever live in Highsteppe. I understand Lore-wise why Highsteppe is the only fortified town, but maybe some smaller encampments or villages could pop up in the Flooded Rainforest or in Hulthine’s Basin.

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its not as much the only fortified town but that big tree is protecting it. this some what mean that lore wise there is no safe way to have other towns unlike old orbus where all they had was monsters, they now would have the issue of becoming stuff like the tree monsters or scavs.

if they found a way of working it in that may be nice like say the viliges had seeds from the tree planted there.


Not sure if you have started or completed the Explorer’s League quest line that Randel gives out at the end of the Tutorial but that is what the they are working towards. Some instrumental people have decided that its time to try and re-claim the land and started working on camps in the Flooded Rainforest, Lamavora, and Hulthines basin. As you complete quests the building will be in different stages of construction. The first half of the quest line is currently in, with the second half coming out soon.


Can’t wait to expand the world even more. I really like what you guys are doing with this. I hope it ends up working out the way you’re wanting it to.


I hadnt finished the quests no, but if youre telling me that eventually there will be other towns one could call home, then wonderful. If theyre just eye candy, well then that would be quite as nice but something I’d love to see regardless.


Something that hasn’t been touched on:

In Preborn, they did have a full Guild City as a second town, complete with market stalls and quests. You could also relocate your house to Guild City, the jungle, or the desert. However, everybody just stayed in Highsteppe.


Ya in my opinion though they really added the right things to make the other locations interesting enough to get your house there.


Yeah, this is what im looking for, enough interest in other areas to want to move my house there, and the ability to do so.


That was a thing in pre-born


The biggest issue was just that no other area was populated. Highsteppe was the hub, and setting up anywhere else was just inefficient. I don’t know of anybody that did it.


Runemage reagents were more rare then too. There was also no stone right inside the town, only just outside by the Fort.


That’s the thing sometimes it was.


Yes, io understand that. But this is not Pre-born anymore. Hence me asking if theres going to be a change for the future? I’d like to live in other parts of the world, I’ve seen enough of Highsteppe, but its the only place to get things done.


I’d move to the forest. If nothing else for scenery, and a potential fishing spot right outside my door.

It being far from highsteppe is as issue though, but if it becomes a town, wouldn’t it - even in lore - make sense to put a teleporter stone in the town to connect it to the others? Or maybe there’s a, “they don’t get to pick where they are” lore thing I don’t know about?


One main reason for that was the low player count; some had their house in guild city because it was closer to the Tradu Mines but in the end of day “Let’s meet in Highsteppe” was quite a thing and people moved it back because even the portal stone was a while away. Also Guild City was vast and empty, I never met anyone there and no one even bothered to use the guild hall which also was located in that town; the 1 hub town is likely a reaction to that.

If there’s more towns introduced which should become lively then a real quick and easy teleport system needs to be implemented for players using it and it would draw away from the bit of life HS has by now (other than in the OG I do meet people at any given time of day), which is also to consider.


I’m not against the idea. I loved the fact that there were more towns and that you could relocate. I really wanted to setup my home base in the desert. I’m just explaining that at one point this was a thing, and why it’s not anymore.

With a higher player count, it’s definitely more viable… But we don’t have those other towns anymore :frowning:


I hope that, with what was said about the lore, that more towns will be ‘built’ so that we could again. Id love to set up in the Forest or Basin. The scenery is so lovely. Im tired of the forests and hills of highsteppe.


Oh, and speaking the hills of highsteppe, I could gather some of the alchemy materials I’ve been wanting to get but forget I can warp to easily. Lol. So another reason to.