Our clan wiped, but it's cool

I bought the HTCVive over a year ago and have around 50 games for it. Orbus feels the most complete. During the alphas and betas I got some good solo experience. I loved the lack of hand holding. However today I was able to make a Fellowship (Uchiha)! We filled the first tier roster and ran through the dungeon.

We were severely underpowered and way too over zealous. Our highest party members were level 6. We threw at least an hour of deaths, wipes, and run backs to reach the final boss before the mobs repopped around us.

Let’s step back

I logged in today around 3 p.m. went to Guild City to make my fellowship. I grabbed the “Uchiha” clan name. I went on killing wargs, spiders, and ghosts. There were other players around helping me. Swelling our ranks one by one we started adding members. Soon we had 10 clan members in our fellowship and many more stragglers jumping in for the farming group.

Yes, we lost xp from having multiple groups together but it was fun! We dried up whole areas of mobs. We decided we needed to try our hands at some harder targets. I remembered the King Stag and hearded our group towards it. By this time we had become quite the war machine of spells, ammo, arrows, and tanks. We ate the dragons in the burning forests and the pigs there after. Even their bigger counter parts fell to our group of lowbies.

Having never really had our tanks fall we got a little cocky. A level 20 passing by mentioned the dungeon -thanks Luv- and we skipped along merrily to it. Working out the logistics, we split the group up into two parties of five. Each team stepped in. All manner of things killed us. Mercilessly we pushed through. We would respawn and return to the middle of our fights until they were finished. Over the next… hour… maybe more, we persevered through it all to the bosses final chamber.

Exhausted, sweating, and in literal physical pain we challenged the last few groups of mobs. We wipe. We wipe again. We wiped a third time and then we noticed it. The first respawns. We had assumed they didn’t respawns at all it had taken so long for them to start. Sneakily we got by this first group, rushing back to the final chamber. We couldn’t risk wiping on the mobs again as this would clearly be our last shot. We prepared and then pulled the hulking boss. Well we tried. We didn’t last long. He tore us to pieces. It was like David and Goliath but David was like… five ants and lost.

We didn’t complete the dungeon but we had a very solid experience that by the end of every fight, as hard as they were, had us cheering and actually jumping. I personally haven’t enjoyed many mmos in awhile. More often than not they made me feel more alone than in a community. I’m really glad I found somewhere I can have this much fun. I really appreciate this community and I’m very proud of it. You guys are cool!


Thanks for the kind words! It’s great and means a lot to hear detailed stories like this.


No big deal but thank YOU for helping create something great!

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