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I like the idea of having individual class levels with separate xp, but think it would be better to display a players overall or total level. For example, the level displayed above the players head would be the total of every class added together ( but some classes I believe are harder to level so should be weighted differently). This would give a player a better understanding of how much experience another player has because they could be a very experienced player, but trying out a new class.

I’d like instead of the sum of all levels, it showed the average. So, lvl 5/5/2/4 would be a level 4. Keeps the level cap at 20, but a more impressive 20.

I can understand where you’re coming from but I think it’s a bad idea. How are you going to know if someone is a high enough level on their current class to do the content you want or need them for? Doesn’t seem to have real practical application like the current system.


no, like its a separate number.

Could have their current class level shown, with the other classes’ levels after, like:
"Level 15 (1W/1M/3R)"
But then that’s a lot of extra text cluttering up above people’s heads. IMHO that extra info isn’t a good enough trade-off for cluttering up the UI. Socializing with the person reveals their experience pretty quickly, just ask. =)

Cleaner idea:
Have it show the current class level and just the number of the highest class, if one is higher than the current one.
So for a level 15 Runemage with nothing else leveled higher their plate would show:
"Level 15"
But if that person was also a Level 20 Warrior maybe it could show as:
“Level 15 (20)”

Not if you read the original post. He was saying replace the displayed number

This doesn’t seem necessary or useful. kind of reminds me of item levels in wow. what ur not lvl70+? can’t come to the raid

All valid points/ideas and I think something like jinx said would be great but agree it would be a lot of text to look at. My main reason for thinking this is because just like every game, I want people to know that I’m better than them haha so if I have a level 10 mage, warrior, and musketer but am working on a level 2 archer, someone with only a leveled 5 warrior and level 1 for the rest of their classes for example will still know I’m better than him

except that your not better than them at archery or fishing or whatever you’re doing right then. so why be misleading?

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I don’t think it’s misleading, I think it gives everyone a better u understanding of your experience with the game so far, just an opinion though

last time i was online i was wandering cenn farm with a bunch of other low level runemages getting eaten by rabbits. i’m normally a lvl10 musketeer and a lvl 4 fisherman but that knowledge was not helpful to anyone in the situation because as a lvl1 runemage my healing turret was unavailable.

the game was accurately displaying my level of suck at the time. i might also be a lvl10 healer but at that moment it wasn’t helpful to know


Well the same logic can be applied to what if I wanted to know maybe say where a higher level quest object was and knew only someone with a higher level would know, I’m not going to go up to every level one warrior and ask them, but they could also be a level 20 mage and know about it and if never know. Like I said though it’s just a idea, I understand that it’s is not convienient nor does it make sense in all situations

just look for a beta cape

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