Overworld drops in grinder chest

I have never heard of anyone getting a legendary overworld drop in their grinder chest so i think it may have been missed in the drop table for it, on a side note i have heard that people would like to see butterfly wings added into the game when the new overworld drops are released

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Did they confirm that they’re supposed to be available in the grinding device? I had always run on the assumption that they didn’t drop from the chest.

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Yes there was a player that confirmed he got his drop out of the grinding device, i dont remember his name tho, it was recent.


That’s not how they work, they’re not on a loot table in that sense. While it may be able to drop from the grinding chest, using the grinder will not increase your chances for an overworked legendary.

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That is very interesting…

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Could you elaborate on this?

It was my understanding that every soul caught in the grinder would add its loot table to the grinder’s layer, and the chest itself would pick x amount of drops from the final loot table once per completed layer.

Are you saying the grinders loot table is separate from the souls caught?

i think the chances of getting an overworld drop are outside of the loot table in this sense. killing certain mobs can’t increase your chances for these drops, so it makes sense that it would be extremely rare to get it in your grindr, but no necessarily impossible i guess

Yes, grinders loot comes from the mobs loot table. But overworld legendaries are not on any loot tables, they work on a separate system.

Basically once a minute you get a roll for an overworld legendary, as long as you’ve killed something in the last minute. If the roll “lands” on an overworld legendary, the next mob you kill will drop an overworld legendary.

If someone did get one from the grinder chest, then that was probably because they got the overworld legendary roll, then the next mob they killed also was the last mob they needed for their grinder chest.


Great explanation and makes good sense!

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