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Lovin the game. Just wanted to throw out the suggestion of adding pages to the Journal, so a player knows which way to turn them when first opening the book. I have noticed that it is pretty wonky, in that sometimes I need to turn left and sometimes right, even tho it opens to a different initial page.

Thanks for reading.

I did just wake up, but I don’t understand what you mean. Add pages? It already has pages. How does adding more pages help?

Maybe he means page numbers?

When you first open your journal on logging in, you’ll be at the first page. As long as you’re logged in, your journal will stay on the last page you viewed. So if you’re looking at potions, put your journal away, then pull it out hours later, it will still be on that same potion page.

Although I’m not sure if this changes if you get more pages added to the journal. Should be right around the same spot at any rate.

Your journal is also somewhat organized. Your quest information will be the first section, then spells, then potion recipes, then maps, then lore, then the typical user interface/how to play stuff. I might of messed up somewhere, but you get the gist of it… And this should pretty much take care of your ‘which way do I turn to find X’ issue.

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Yes my apologies I just woke up as well. Page numbers to the pages or arrows indicating which way additional pages are.

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