Paladin +6 Hammer is backwards for Right Handed

So it seems the model for the left hand is mirrored from right hand. The Right hand hammer is the wrong way for the plus +6 Legendary hammer. NO clue why the models are not the same orientation in either hand. It also reverses other things for right hand. I know I can manually fix the direction of the hammer if I use the orientation option you added, but its weird that I would have to fix that the model is 180 deg the wrong way.

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The +5 hammer too. Maybe all of them. Way to make me feel inadequate about not having the +6 hammer. I’m gonna go cry now :’( I wish I was as unfraggable as you <3


omg you dont have the +6!

get out of my game NOOB!


It’s always bugged me that the health bar and buff icons are backwards on paladin, when you get multiple stacks of stuff the numbers are backwards :frowning:

Interesting that the hammer is backwards for right hand, since most people are right handed. I’d thought the left hand would be off.

That is because the 1st one to drop was for someone that is left handed and they complained about it being the wrong away around, the Devs flipped it to fix it for him but once right handed players started to get it drop it was wrong for them


What do you mean the +5 hammer?

The +5 hammer I have has numbers (and I’m assuming icons) flipped backwards as well.

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I’ll check it out when I get on
The Valhalla (legendary) or Fragmented Moonstone (normal +5)?

It’s not a legendary, that’s for sure. No idea if it’s transmogged though.